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Aligned Speaker Spotlight: Todd Scott, Electrolux Major Appliances

Navigating the Feedback Loop: Giving Retailers What They Really Want

Sept. 25th Morning Session

As one of the many highlights of the upcoming Aligned conference, Todd Scott of Electrolux Major Appliances will be presenting on the importance of retailer feedback. Todd’s willingness to take feedback from dealers, as well as his field team, has made a major impact on Electrolux’s success both on the Promoboxx platform and in their other digital marketing efforts. By soliciting and implementing feedback, Todd has helped Electrolux launch better content, become a more accessible partner of dealers and vendors, and ultimately create a powerful brand experience for dealers and consumers alike. Todd will be covering how to go about gathering feedback, knowing what kind of feedback to implement, how feedback has affected Electrolux, and more!

Want to learn more about what Aligned has to offer? If you “geek out about brand strategies that empower retailers,” Todd says, “Aligned is the place to be.” Still not convinced? Check out the 10 Reasons You Should Come to Aligned.

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