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New Balance Drives In-Store Sales at Fleet Feet Locations [Case Study]


Linking digital marketing to sales is always much easier said than done. For its Fresh Foam Vongo campaign, New Balance did just that, increasing foot traffic and in-store sales of shoes by running targeted Facebook mobile News Feed ads with Fleet Feet retailers using Promoboxx Local Ads.

New Balance Helps Retailers Turn Digital Traffic into Foot Traffic

For this major product launch, New Balance offered funds for targeted Facebook advertising to Fleet Feet stores across the country via Promoboxx Local Ads.

Utilizing Local Ads, these retailers were able to simply and effectively execute the ads, all targeted at runners within the local community for each store.

new balance in-store sales

Example Local Ad on Facebook

New Balance’s Goals Setting Out:

  • Reach local runners with highly relevant ads
  • Drive awareness of the Fresh Foam Vongo shoe
  • Increase foot traffic in Fleet Feet stores

Campaign Results:

  • Consumer views of ads: over 2.6m
  • Consumer clicks: over 26k
  • Retail impact: 2x sales increase (reported by Tennessee territory rep to brand)

“With Promoboxx Local Ads targeting the right consumers, we’ve been able to help our retailers grow their business – and grow our share, too.”

– Tom Taylor, Head of US Run Specialty Channel Marketing, New Balance

“We had people who had never been in our store before come in and purchase the Vongo! Local Ads increased our overall organic reach and traffic to our site while physically bringing customers into our store.”

– Fleet Feet Sports Encino

“The Vongo campaign resulted in a ton of people coming into the store looking for the shoe. That campaign changed the way we look at Facebook and how we use it to market our store. We had no idea how impactful it could be.”

– Fleet Feet Sports Stuart

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New Balance Makes Impact at the Local Retail Level

The Fresh Foam Vongo campaign reached millions of consumers on Facebook, with retailers and sales reps reporting significantly increased in-store foot traffic and sales of the shoe. In one territory, there was even a reported 2x increase in sales in the lightweight stability footwear category.

Leveraging Promoboxx Local Ads, New Balance helped retailers reach highly-qualified customers on mobile devices while delivering measurable in-store ROI.

Want to Start Making Measurable In-Store Sales Impact?

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With Promoboxx Local Ads, brands simply and effectively extend advertising funds, sophisticated content, and targeting capabilities to resource-strapped retailers, reaching new local customers on mobile devices and driving them in-store.

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