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How New Balance Provides Scalable Retail Support [Case Study]


National brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving sales. The trouble is that many brands struggle with creating top-down connection and alignment. One of the main obstacles here is the lack of scalable retail marketing solutions.

Why National Brands Often Favor Only a Subset of Retailers with Marketing Efforts

Most brands face budget and resource limitations when it comes to funding retailer marketing. This forces them to limit funds and provide support to only their top retailers, meaning the bulk of their retailers are left to create their own content or market their competitors’ offerings.

The Reality of Not Establishing a Scalable Retail Support Strategy

What happens when a brand fails to innovate in order to effectively provide retailer support across the board? Here’s the reality:

  • Cumbersome and time-consuming processes for providing sales reps and retailers with content and other digital marketing assets
  • Inconsistent branding: retailers may opt to take their own pictures of products and post them to online channels, accompanied by misspelled or inaccurate product feature descriptions
  • Poor local campaign performance and no way of measuring or tracking retailer marketing efforts

New Balance Makes Strides to Provide Scalable Retail Support

New Balance has great national reach when marketing their many different athletic products. On a local level, however, they experienced challenges when trying to communicate campaign details to all of their retailers. Because of this, they were previously unable to reach and provide ad funds to many of their local retailers.

To streamline this previously time-intensive and inefficient process, reach all retailers, and realize much improved results, New Balance partnered with Promoboxx.

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Their retailers today receive consistent and up-to-date imagery and messaging. Additionally, communications between the brand, sales reps, and retailers are completely streamlined in the Promoboxx platform, keeping all parties involved and informed.

new balance local ad

Example co-branded Local Ad on Facebook

Using Promoboxx:

  • The New Balance team spends 90% less time organizing content for local marketing campaigns
  • One-off requests from reps and retailers have been reduced to nearly zero
  • New Balance has visibility into which retailers are engaging with which campaigns and can view engagement rates in real-time
  • There is increased local message consistency and reach from the combined reach of retail partners
  • New Balance retailers also consider it a big win, now provided with an effective, easy-to-use digital marketing platform, which has increased their participation in brand marketing initiatives overall

“I have found Promoboxx wonderfully intuitive and easy to navigate.” – Traci at A Snail’s Pace

“I love Promoboxx and the way it really helps me promote New Balance.” – Julie at Fleet Feet Sports Bloomington

Want to learn more? Hear from New Balance’s Head of US Run Specialty Channel Marketing, Tom Taylor:


Provide Scalable Digital Marketing Support to All of Your Retailers

With Promoboxx, leading brands like New Balance provide their retailers with quick, easy, and cost-effective access to marketing content and ad funds in a scalable way.

While the lack of retailer support scalability has become a major obstacle to marketing connection and alignment, it’s not the only one…

Check out our in-depth piece detailing the five main contributions to top-down marketing misalignment and how brands like New Balance, GE Appliances, and Nissan bridge this gap with Promoboxx, winning retailer mindshare and the battle for revenue.

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