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New Feature: Retailer Activity Tracking for Brands

Dive into user engagement with New Retailer Activity Tracking!

Promoboxx is proud to announce the next big tools in retailer engagement! These features provide an easier way for brands to quantify and visualize how their retailers respond to campaigns and other marketing content. We’ve given our brands the ability to not only monitor all user activity in one simple feed, but also compile reports with up-to-date stats on everything from who shared on Facebook to the results of Promoboxx Boost outreach.

Excited yet? View a breakdown of each feature below:

Retailer Activity Feed

The Retailer Activity Feed displays a constant stream of account actions taken by a particular group of retailers, such as activations, shares, and account updates. This can be found in the Reporting section of a brand’s dashboard. The feed can also be filtered using a number of categories to display topics of interest.

Activities from all retailers is shown in the reporting section for a brand. 
With the Activity Feed…
  • Check how things are going:  View recent retailer activity in real time
  • Review progress:  Gain access to a history of account activity for each retailer
  • See who’s excited:  See which of your retailers respond the quickest to new content

A separate activity feed also exists for each retailer. This can be found in a business’s account under the Activity tab. This is great for brand reps who are trying to understand the engagement of an individual retailer!

Activities for an individual business can be found in a retailer’s account. 

Retailer Activity Report

Also included in Reporting, the Retailer Activity Report allows a brand to display and organize useful information based off of the Activity Feed. Admins can view the activities around a particular retailer, collection of retailers, or all accounts. Info fields include the number of data updates made to accounts, boosted retailers, and even accounts with pending users.

Below is an example of a report showing the number of activations resulting from a month of boost activities:

Tip: explore further by clicking on a particular retailer’s account to view individual engagement.
With the Activity Report…
  • Get the numbers you need: Compile any combination of retailer activities into your perfect report
  • Slice and dice:  Break things down by date, campaign, region, or a particular retailer
  • Gauge effectiveness:  Compare retailer Boost outreach with quantified results

The Promoboxx Client Services team is excited to improve these features with the help of our awesome brands! We hope to help brands understand how all of their time, money, and other efforts translate into added retailer engagement. Let us know what you think in the comments below! For help getting started with these tools, contact your individual Promoboxx Brand Account Manager.