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Newest Promoboxx Platform Features

Our development team pushes new platform features every two weeks. We’re hugely client driven, so when brands ask us for a specific piece of¬†functionality¬†that’s vital to their B2R marketing strategy – we jump right in! Here’s the latest on our platform updates:

Smart Groups

Brands can now group their retailers based on any available retailer data. Currently the feature is limited to once selection per group, but we will be improving it in the near future!

Facebook Tab Install Count

For those brands focused on Facebook Tab installs, this is a quick win. Promoboxx now shows total tab installs for each campaign in the brand’s dashboard.

New and Improved Share Page

Our retailer campaign share page has been improved. It’s now cleaner, with more share instructions for retailers.

Already Claimed Retailer

If someone tries to enroll in a campaign with a retailer that does not match their user account, we prompt them with a message letting them know that they can contact the owner if they want to be added to the account. We’ll be doing much more with this in the future.