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Our Pledge on Hidden Revenue

We’ve been reading about dealer marketing programs where ad management fees are not being disclosed to a brand’s dealers. We’re seeing this in just about every industry, with auto, appliances and footwear being the most prevalent. This trend is very concerning to us. In addition, many of these programs provide hidden revenue back to the brand. This has forced us to adhere to our core value of “Believe in Retailers” and make the following pledge:

  • Promoboxx will not participate in a program that forces us to hide ad management fees from dealers. We always work with our vendors to ensure that we adhere to their required fee transparency.
  • Promoboxx will not participate in a program that provides a hidden revenue share back to the brand. Retailers should be supported by the brand and shouldn’t be considered a profit center for the brand.

This is our pledge. We encourage all retail marketing vendors to disclose their marketing management fees clearly to retailers and we discourage all brands from taking hidden revenue shares on retailer marketing programs.

If you’d like to talk about how you can help, please email me at