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Overcoming Facebook’s News Feed Changes: Three Holistic Strategies for Brands and Their Retailers


We’re all experiencing the effects of Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm, Edgerank. We’re concerned that the changes will reduce organic reach for brand pages to a small percentage of their fans. We’re also worried that we will soon be paying for Facebook capabilities that are now free.

Worries, Worries

Those fears about Facebook remind me of similar worries that marketers felt when Google launched Adwords way back in 2000. (That’s right, 2000. If you were around then, you remember those early ads that said, “Have a credit card and 5 minutes? Get your ad on Google today.”)

In the years that followed the Adwords launch, a number of experts fretted that Adwords would erode the power of Google as an organic, cost-free channel that brought traffic to their sites. But we found a way to make Adwords just another part of our marketing toolbox, right? I predict that we will all develop similar strategies regarding Facebook.

Brand Marketers Respond to the Change

So far, some brands have responded by leaving Facebook, but most are just trying to make sense of the new landscape and what it means for their brand.

There are lots of great articles that provide advice on how brand marketers can become better marketers in the midst of everything. Some even suggest that the changes are good for brands. We agree.

Great Content Is Not Enough

Our thoughts? It’s not enough for us to just become better marketers. It’s not enough for us to just create great content. We must focus on great content distribution. We must evolve as marketers and take responsibility of helping our retailers do the same. We must make our retailers better marketers.

Three Holistic Strategies That Change Everything

Yes, your content is only being seen by a fraction of your fans. Guess what that means for your independent retail partners – the ones responsible for a lion’s share of sales? The ability for your Mom and Pop retailer to self-promote and easily connect with fans has changed severely.

Maybe you’re thinking that the problem feels too big, the consumer audience too small, and your independent retailer base too fractured. So, let’s break it down, because I know how you feel. It’s how I felt, but here are the solutions we’ve found:

  1. Include Your Retailers: A marketing strategy that does not embrace the independent retailer is an incomplete strategy.  Fun Fact: 100% of brands on Promoboxx have uncovered that together, their retailers’ social communities combined have amassed fan bases that dwarf their national brand’s reach. So, if you’re looking for a reason to consider working with this rowdy group (I say that out of affection), that’s it. Even better, a leading sporting goods company reports that on average, Promoboxx dealers’ sales are 8% higher than those of dealers not on Promoboxx.
  2. Believe In Your Retailers: Helping them just become better marketers on Facebook is not enough. Taking a well-rounded, holistic approach to making your retailers better marketers will pay off. Having a single point of failure with consumers will hurt your overall efforts and let’s face it – you’re not just marketing your brand on Facebook, right? You’re in front of that customer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, with digital ads, email marketing, and via your website. (I’m sure that’s just scratching the surface.) So, why limit your retailers to Facebook? The whole goal is to get them to expand their reach and that means identifying as many digital marketing opportunities as possible.
  3. Get to Know Your Retailers: There are hidden troves of consumer insights hiding in the recesses of your retailers, just waiting to be unearthed. Take some time to understand who your retailers are, how they feel about your brand, and what types of content they gravitate towards. Understanding your retailers will provide you with a deeper understanding of your hyper-local consumer. Treat each piece of national content passed down and customized by your retailer as an opportunity to learn more and create a better-optimized connection with your true customers (your retailers) and the consumer. It’s one of the only ways to make your marketing work double-time for you.

There are still more tricks to be tested. Promoboxx has a few up its sleeve that are being piloted by brands like Reebok, Trek Bikes, Electrolux, Mohawk Flooring, and General Electric. But you’ll need to ping me separately to get the details on those. 🙂