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Paid Ad Strategy: Giveaways || NutriSource

At Promoboxx, we believe that independent retailers will truly champion the brands that provide them with support throughout your partnership. As a brand, you can support your retailers in a number of ways, like providing organic social media assets and quick downloadable content. However, one more unique and valuable tactic is providing your retailers with 100% brand-sponsored Paid Advertising.

Paid Advertising will help your retailers drive traffic in-store and online while growing your brand awareness and customer base at the local level. 

One question we hear from brands a lot is “how do I choose who I want to support with Paid Advertising dollars?” Although it’s ideal, it may not always be feasible to support every retailer in your network, for every product launch and promotion. In this scenario, we like to use a strategy called Paid Ad Giveaways

Paid Ad Giveaways are a fun and easy way to target retailers within your network that are set up + ready to run Paid Ads! It’s a first come, first serve strategy that allows you to cap your budget and offer Paid Advertising to those that want it the most.

One of our brand partners in the Pet Care industry, NutriSource, is a pro when it comes to Paid Ad Giveaways. So much so, their retailers are practically begging for more opportunities to share their content on social!

In the last 6 months alone, NutriSource has been able to support over 132 unique retailers with Paid Ads, yielding over 4M impressions. Each one of these retailers has earned a Paid Ad Giveaway opportunity, by simply replying to our “giveaway” emails. 

“Promoboxx has been a tremendous asset for NutriSource Pet Foods and more importantly our valued retail partners. It has provided us with the opportunity to deliver consistent and accurate social media content to retailers in an easy to use manner allowing them to spend less time on posting content and more time with their customers. Their automation features and paid advertising integration has allowed us the opportunity to take our retailer support to another level providing funding dollars to those that want to amplify the content even further.” 

– Adam Martodam, Director of Marketing – NutriSource Pet Foods

Here’s how we do it! First, we create a filter in their network of retailers who are connected with Facebook and ready to run Paid Ads. Then, we target that group with an email that indicates the first X to reply earn $X. This allows us to cap our budget and number of retailers off the bat.

Once the email is sent, we compile the responses received by our Support Team. Retailers are so thrilled to receive these emails, check out some of the responses we’ve received for NutriSource below:

As soon as we hit our retailer cap, we are able to invite retailers and opt them into their Paid Ads from the Promoboxx end, meaning there is no additional action required by the retailer to participate. This automated process saves them time while ensuring they receive value. Check out what one of our Pet Care retailers had to say:

“Promoboxx always makes it easy to place professional-looking social media posts on Facebook or Instagram. I find that we get a lot of engagement when the post is boosted, so it’s a Win-Win when NutriSource offers to pay!”

– Jake’s Pet Supply

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