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PepsiCo Leverages Retailers for “Bring Home The Hoops”

PepsiCo sells its products in a wide variety of retail outlets and one area that’s especially important is their foodservice operators. From concession stands at bowling alleys, to campus dining halls, to local pizza and sub shops, foodservice operators have a huge presence and reach thousands of consumers each day. These retailers also have a significant presence online and on social networks, providing a great opportunity for PepsiCo and their retailers to reach consumers in unique ways.

For their new Mountain Dew campaign, PepsiCo partnered with Promoboxx to (1) equip their foodservice operators with digital content to achieve optimal campaign reach and (2) confirm that operators were receiving and displaying their in-store point of sale (POS) kits.

By utilizing this type of marketing technology, PepsiCo connects with their retailers in several key ways:

  • PepsiCo reaches out to operators using an online invitation system, providing information about the Dew Hoops program, and how operators can order in-store POS kits.

  • Operators then activate the marketing campaign and can customize and localize the digital content to share across their online channels. PepsiCo is also able to educate their operators on best practices for sharing content on social media.

  • PepsiCo also uses analytics and reporting to provide insight into how the foodservice operators are interacting with the digital content that is provided. This feedback allows PepsiCo to understand what kinds of content works well for their operators, and what content engages consumers.

PepsiCo is leveraging this important group of retailers with their latest campaign, featuring Diet Mountain Dew and the “Bring Home The Hoops” Sweepstakes. This promotion has two components:

  1. Consumers participate in the program by purchasing Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew products. They can snap a photo of the product and send it in for an entry in the sweepstakes.

  2. Foodservice operators are encouraged to set up their in-store POS kits, featuring the “Bring Home The Hoops” content. Once they’ve set up their kits, they are given access to exclusive digital content to share on their social networks.

Activating and engaging local foodservice operators digitally is an integral part of PepsiCo’s overall campaign strategy. Innovative marketing technologies help make this process automated, easy to use and more effective; enabling PepsiCo to achieve greater campaign awareness and consumer engagement.