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Introducing Promoboxx Assets

Promoboxx Assets launching April 2nd to save retailers from DAMs!

Spring has sprung, and so have we… The Promoboxx team is hard at work and excited to share that we have a release date for our newest feature.

With Promoboxx Assets, brands can assemble, organize, and share downloadable content and media out to their local retail partners. Retailers easily download, customize, and launch these marketing assets out to their local audiences.

Promoboxx Assets makes local digital marketing streamlined, scalable, and trackable. Plus, ease of use ensures that retailer adoption and engagement is high — much higher than you would see with a traditional, outdated digital asset management (DAM) portal.

Why traditional DAMs don’t work for retailers.

Brand marketers and retailers are both under tremendous pressure to get more done, with less resources and less time in the day. Local retailers appreciate the value digital marketing can bring to their business, but marketing is one of many functions required to operate a successful business. And so digital marketing needs to be simple and fast for retailers to adopt it.

Traditional digital asset management products may provide access to brand content, but there are no other real benefits to local retail marketing. In a DAM, content is not presented in any organized, linear, or valuable way.

Most of our brands don’t have a great digital platform. To get the content, I have to log into three different places, go through five different folders, look through all of the content, and decide what I’m going to post. Whether they even have it updated on time is another thing. It’s just a headache for at least three of my major brands.Melody Karpinski at Fleet Feet Sports Santa Rosa

Retailers don’t have the time to dig through and make sense of mountains of content, and this is why DAMs typically have low retailer adoption and engagement rates — and also why they very quickly turn into content graveyards. DAMs just weren’t built for retailers.

The best way to support your retailers is through campaigns.

With Promoboxx, brands give retailers timely and relevant campaign flows that align with the brand’s content calendar, increase reach, and guarantee message consistency all at a local level. Our campaigns-based approach also gives retailers a real sense of urgency to participate.

And now that you’ll have Promoboxx Assets, you really won’t need a DAM anymore (at least not for local marketing). So let’s take a look at the new features…

Improved productivity, workflow, and connection with retailers.

Promoboxx Assets is the better way to share and manage content with your retailers that is streamlined, scalable, trackable, and super easy.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Bulk upload and organize assets in any format, into any folder
  • Tag all of your assets with one of our predefined categories (Product, Sales, Inspirational, or Featured) — or customize with your own tags
  • Specify assets that are available to your sales reps only (like training materials)
  • Set an end date on assets for time-sensitive initiatives

Keep all of your assets organized, tagged, and searchable, while also getting more customization and workflow options that you just won’t get from a traditional DAM.

Faster alignment and engagement with retailers and sales reps.

Drive deeper and more meaningful alignment and engagement back with the brand.

Not only is it easier for brands to organize and share assets, but it’s also way easier for retailers and sales reps to search, find, and actually use them. Let’s look at some of the new features for retailers and reps:

  • Filter and find assets by the brand, date, and any asset tags set by the brand
  • View organized folders and specific downloadable content on the same screen
  • Sales reps can identify assets specifically for them vs. retailers

A holistic view of your retailer network and how they engage.

Spend less time navigating how to share, and instead more time prioritizing and executing on the right digital marketing campaigns.

With Promoboxx Assets, brands also get more granular retailer engagement reporting, including the number of downloads on a specific asset. This provides a more holistic view of your retailer network, how they engage, and gives you confidence that you’re providing retailers with exactly what they need to be successful.

At the end of the day, we’ve got your assets…

Promoboxx Assets provides the right productivity, workflow, and reporting features that brands and retailers need to connect, align, and engage with each other.

Digital asset management portals may be fine for your internal communication needs, but they just don’t work for retailers that need a simple, easy workflow to launch new campaigns and drive customers in-store to sell your product. Don’t just take our word, check out why Arc’teryx made the switch:


Chances are, your retailers are already on Promoboxx and asking for access to your brand content. Contact us or request a demo to get started.

And lastly, don’t forget to mark your calendars. Promoboxx Assets arrives April 2, 2018!

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