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Promoboxx Benefits to Retailers

Part of our job is making sure brands can easily communicate Promoboxx benefits to their retailers. During the typical onboarding process, Promoboxx Sales and Client Marketing work together to make sure new retailers understand who we are, what we do, and why it’s important to them.

Who We Are

Promoboxx is a Digital Marketing Platform for retailers.

What We Do

Promoboxx gives retailers access to a brand’s national content, allowing them to easily co-brand and distribute that content on their local online channels.

How It Works

1. Brands invite retailers to access their national content via Promoboxx
2. Retailers accept the brand’s invitation, opting into Promoboxx (process takes 60 seconds)
3. Promoboxx takes local retailer info and creates a custom campaign for them
4. Promoboxx gives retailers tools to easily distribute their campaign online

Benefits to Retailers

Promoboxx gives retailers the ability to…

• Tap into brand content, sharing it on their local channels (website, email, Facebook, Twitter)
• Drive awareness that a brand is sold at a specific retailer location
• Gather local leads (consumers enter into promotions via the retailer’s local campaign page)
• Highlight their local branding alongside the national brand’s