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Promoboxx Co-Op is transforming the way brands and retailers advertise together at a local level. 

Brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving engagement and sales. Brands have important resources that many retailers may not: budget, reach, and advertising expertise. And retailers have a direct, personal connection with the local consumers who actually buy the product. 

Brands and retailers communicate to the same consumer, but often with a very different message, and that’s when the trouble starts. While local retailers appreciate its value, advertising is one of the many functions required to operate a successful small business — on top of inventory, staff, and finances. 

Traditional co-op marketing can sometimes be complicated, with time-consuming fulfillment methods and a focus on traditional offline advertising channels, like print, TV, or radio. Many of the world’s biggest brands, like GE Appliances, have been running co-op programs for close to 100 years, and so they started these programs at a time when retailers really only advertised in print newspapers or physical flyers. 

Today’s consumers are digital, and they expect more. They want to engage with a brand or local store on their phones, on-the-go, whenever the need arises. Traditional co-op advertising wasn’t built for today’s always-on digital world, making it difficult for retailers to participate in or engage with co-op. Imagine an easy co-op advertising solution that increases in-store foot traffic and brand value at a local level. 

Digital advertising needs to be simple and fast in order for retailers to justify the investment in staff and budget required to adopt it. Retailers need local advertising that gets them excited about marketing, helps them launch new paid ad campaigns faster, and one that also respects them and their connection to local communities.

How Paid Ads Help Your Brand Drive Sales

  • Empower retailers to quickly and easily promote new products
  • Increase retailer engagement by allocating paid advertising dollars for them to spend towards a specific campaign and/or general marketing efforts 
  • Increase your brand reach and repeat purchases at scale — without increasing your corporate marketing staff — by enabling retailers to target customers near every storefront 
  • Leverage your retailer’s relationships with local consumers who are already looking for product, and more likely to buy from a local business
  • Make the right decisions for your brand with better insight into the content, campaigns, and channels that work (and which don’t!)

Smarter Advertising that Supports Your National Co-Op Programs:

Many national brands create a co-op account for each of their retailers. In each account, a marketing budget is set aside for the retailer to allocate towards running local co-branded marketing and advertising campaigns. Traditional co-op advertising becomes more powerful with a digital component, particularly for local retailers who need digital marketing support and resources to compete with e-Commerce. National brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving sales when working together, but sticking with a traditional co-op model may be delaying progress. Independent retailers need a better, easier way to obtain digital marketing support from the brands whose products they sell.

With Promoboxx Paid Ads, brands provide retailers with faster, easier access to digital advertising content and budget. Brands improve goodwill and working relationships with their retailers — which of course makes retailers more likely to actively promote and sell the brand’s products in-store. Paid Ads removes traditional co-op roadblocks, and retailers therefore have more time to devote to digital marketing and increasing local awareness of the brand (and its products). 

How Does It Work?

It’s easy – create one paid ad that follows your brand national guidelines and we’ll create a dynamically co-branded version for each retailer, geo-targeted to their local business. 

Want to fund the ad for your retailer? 

  • Awesome! They are lucky to work with you. All paid ads can be 100% brand sponsored. Allocate funds to your retailers for a specific campaign, or let them choose which creative they want to use by giving them the flexibility of wallet funds.

Want to deposit co-op dollars into your retailer accounts? 

  • Easy. Just select the retailer, amount you would like to deposit, and set an expiration date. The retailer will have the flexibilty to fund the ads of their choosing, depending on what is important to their business or what they have in stock. Don’t worry, they can only use these funds on your brands paid ads. 

Rather your retailers self-fund the ads?

  • We support that too. Retailers can 100% self-fund your paid ads via our Stripe integration.

Need submit claim files?

  • Don’t sweat it. We have reporting and tracking on all brand and retailer funded paid ads that is exportable from your Promoboxx dashboard. Retailers can also track their funding history and transaction receipts.

Set up a time to build out your Paid Ad Co-Op strategy by emailing