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Promoboxx joins IndiePet in Empowering Independent Pet Retailers


We’re thrilled to announce that Promoboxx is teaming up with IndiePet, a nonprofit organization built to strengthen the ecosystem of independent pet retailers. As two entities that share a passionate commitment to supporting local businesses, our efforts aim to arm independent pet retailers with the tools and resources to grow and prosper in their local communities.

IndiePet and Neighborhood Pet Store Day

IndiePet’s mission is to help independent pet retailers remain competitive and continue to evolve in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving pet marketplace. As part of their initiative towards this goal, IndiePet created an annual awareness event called “Neighborhood Pet Store Day” – a celebration of independent pet retailers.

Although treasured year-round, these unique businesses deserve celebration. By shining the light on the great customer experience independent retailers provide, how they can enrich the lives and well-being of pets, and the contributions they make to their communities, IndiePet can help customers see and appreciate the value of their independent and neighborhood pet retailers.

How Promoboxx is supporting IndiePet and Neighborhood Pet Store Day

In an effort to support IndiePet and Neighborhood Pet Store Day, Promoboxx has launched a Pet Care Industry Content campaign using the brand’s pre-designed graphics, logos, and videos. The promotional assets are easily accessible to all pet retailers within the Promoboxx network. Retailers are invited and encouraged to share these assets to help promote the event on September 23rd, 2023 in their local community and raise awareness.

See live examples below! Some retailers have customized these shares by adding specific details of their in store event.

Empowering Independent Pet Retailers

Promoboxx supports 30+ pet care brands and a network of over 12K pet care retailers. Our goal is to familiarize these brands and retailers with IndiePet’s mission, and encourage them to join the movement.

IndiePet and Promoboxx intend to further empower independent pet retailers. IndiePet offers industry resources and a community of peers, established on four areas of focus; educate, define standards, compete online, and raise awareness.

Promoboxx’s versatile localized marketing platform gives retailers access to paid and organic social media campaigns from the brands they carry in-store, built to improve their online presence and drive more in-store sales. Additionally, our brand agnostic pet care content offers independent retailers the opportunity to promote their store and its values as local, independent, and safe while building engagement with their audience on social media. This boost in online reach and engagement may ultimately contribute to building customer loyalty and increase in-store visits.

Promoboxx joining with IndiePet is a significant step toward creating a more inclusive and supportive ecosystem for independent pet retailers. With IndiePet’s resources and Promoboxx’s user-friendly social media platform, we are confident these independent retailers can explore new growth opportunities and flourish in their respective communities. We’re paws-itive that this partnership will help independent pet retailers thrive and continue to achieve lasting success in the ever-changing world of pet retail.

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