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Promoboxx + Locally:
Partnership to Transform Local Retail

Exciting news! We have officially partnered with Locally to help outdoor enthusiasts discover and purchase products from a local store. This strategic alliance is a great opportunity to engage more shoppers online, help them view inventory, and place an order from a local store. It’s a win-win: consumers spend their dollars locally and retailers earn more business and awareness.

Who We Are


With Promoboxx, national manufacturing brands connect, manage, and market through their entire retail channel to engage consumers, extend brand reach, and increase local sales.

Locally and Promoboxx is the intersection where brands, retailers and shoppers meet, bringing the convenience of ecommerce to the local shopping experience.

Why Partner?

“Partnering with Locally made sense on every level, as both of our companies are focused on working with brands, reps, and retailers to encourage and support local sales,” said Ben Carcio, CMO and Co-Founder of Promoboxx. “A strategic partnership with a company like Locally not only gives us greater visibility into the consumer shopping experience, but another ally working to help local retailers thrive. We are looking forward to working together and transforming local retail.”

“At Locally, we’re really excited to work with Promoboxx to optimize the online to offline shopping path,” said Mike Massey, President, and Co-Founder of Locally. “Our mutual brand and retailer clients share a similar vision for optimizing every channel in the constantly evolving retail experience. In 2019, it is critical that brands and their retailer network engage shoppers where they are doing their research; online. But, the vast majority of shoppers will ultimately buy in-store. Locally and Promoboxx provide a complete solution that spans from online engagement to point of purchase.”

See How Locally and Promoboxx Work Together:

Arc’teryx offered retailers content and advertising funds via Promoboxx, with all posts linking to a product landing page produced by Locally. On the landing page, consumers could reserve or purchase products and pick them up at a local retailer.

Come meet Promoboxx and Locally at Outdoor Retailer, Jan 30 – Feb 1, to hear more about how we work together to help your products get found faster.

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