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Promoboxx Platform Update: New Campaign Reporting for Retailers


You use Promoboxx to help your retailers promote their businesses with high-quality content, but do you know the real impact of retailer engagement?

Engagement Insights – What’s your Consumer Reach?

With the new Campaign Reporting features in the Promoboxx retailer dashboard, we help answer those questions. The new Reporting page shows live results of retailer activity in Promoboxx, and it helps retailers understand the potential consumer reach gained by using brand content to market online. We’ve also benchmarked consumer reach across social channels, email, and campaign landing pages. Each retailer’s reach by channel is measured against the median for the brand’s retailer network.

Retailer Reporting Summary

Dig deeper into a specific channel, and find insights into how content performs with consumers online. For example – learn how many consumers you actually reach with a particular Facebook post, or how many consumers engage with content by favoriting or retweeting content you tweeted.

Retailers now also have a new Timeline page, showing their promotion activity — email notifications to consumers, Facebook shares, and Twitter posts of content provided via Promoboxx. This activity stream shows insights into how consumers interact with this content, with counts of likes, engagements, favorites and retweets.

Retailer Reporting Timeline

The Value of Retailer Engagement

Our goal with these new reporting features is to clearly show retailers the value of their participation in campaigns launched via Promoboxx. Retailers that understand this value are more likely to remain engaged with your marketing campaigns, and are going to be your best asset for reaching consumers and driving in-store sales.

We hope that our new Retailer Campaign Reporting shows your retailers just how valuable their participation in your online marketing program is. If you’re new to Promoboxx, Request a Demo to learn how to help your retailers understand the value of their engagement with your brand content, and help your retailers be better marketers!