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Retailer Engagement: Promoboxx Raises the Bar

Brands work hard to produce great content, but often struggle with retailer engagement. Retailers are busy store owners and digital marketing needs to be simple and easy for them to participate in brand campaigns. This low adoption makes marketing alignment between national and local channels virtually impossible.

Retailer adoption and engagement are at the core of everything we do at Promoboxx. Data from retailers using the Promoboxx platform helps us better understand what tools they need to successfully market the content brands provide. These insights are what drive the product enhancements that make our software work better for you and your retailers.

The feedback we received from retailers was loud and clear: being provided with great content from the brands they carry isn’t enough. Each retailer has its own unique challenges and needs, but all agreed that making marketing as quick and easy as possible was at the top of their list. They cannot afford to spend a lot of time sifting through content looking for one that is relevant to them.

With those insights in mind, we enhanced our retailer dashboard, making it easier for retailers to find and share your content.

Retailer Dashboard: A Focus on Retailer Engagement

Filtering and Search Functionality

Previously, retailers needed to sift through the full list of brand campaigns to find content. With an increasing number of campaigns populating their dashboard, this had become more difficult and time consuming to look through.

To help increase conversions on this page, we added filtering and search functionality. Retailers can now filter by channel or search by keyword to narrow their results down.


Revamped Campaign Cards

Our previous campaign card gave the retailer very limited information about the campaign itself. To better inform the retailer of the campaign offerings, we added icons to each campaign card that show which share channels are available and how many share options they have to choose from.

Retailers will also now be able to see which campaigns are the most highly shared campaigns by other retailers with the popular callout. This is determined by highest share volume over a ten day rolling period and is updated daily.


Easy Tracking for Retailers

Once the retailer shares from a campaign, we also give them information about the number of times they’ve shared on each channel and the date of their last share.

Better Retailer Engagement, Better Marketing Alignment

Promoboxx understands retailers. We know that no matter how hard brands work on developing great content for their Tier 3 channel, it is all for naught unless it is easily accessible and relevant.

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One large reason digital asset management systems (DAM’s) don’t work is that they are too time consuming for retailers to dig through so they simply don’t participate. We dedicate ourselves to creating an exceptional experience for the retailers so they will not just engage with your content once, but repeatedly.

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Create Alignment with Your Local Retailers

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