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New and Improved Mobile App for Retailers [Product Update]

Updated June 29, 2017

Promoboxx has released a new and improved mobile app for iOS and Android to help simplify and streamline the content-sharing process for retailers. The new app will enable retailers to share brand content and campaigns on the go through their phones.

Overview of Mobile App for iOS and Android:
-Retailer desktop experience extended to mobile app
-Improved social sharing experience with a focus on Instagram
-Marketing Calendar available at your fingertips
-Retailers can participate in Local Ads from their phone

App Social Media Mobile ViewWe know that the retailers we work with are often busy store owners in charge of a large range of in-store responsibilities, making it difficult for them to find time to promote multiple brands on digital channels. We’ve improved the process with an easy to navigate app that simplifies the sharing process and will save busy retailers precious time. This new app will enable retailers to access the same excellent brand materials, but in a handheld format. The app will maximize brand’s visibility in retailer social media platforms and digital channels without creating additional extra work for the brand teams.

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Consistent Interface

The app will still have the multi-brand dashboard, allowing retailers to seamlessly switch from mobile app to desktop as their schedule allows. The left side navigation bar remains the same so that sharing content and viewing campaigns will feel familiar. Retaining the same interface between the app and desktop was essential in app development, as the lack of any learning curve will save retailers valuable time.

Navigation Tab

Saving Retailers Time and Building Engagement

A key function of the Promoboxx mobile app experience is the ease of sharing content directly to social channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Retailers can now seamlessly share all social media content with just a few clicks straight from their smartphone.

The biggest improvement is to Instagram, where 50% of users follow a business, and 60% of people say they learn about a product or service on Instagram (Source: Instagram). Users with Instagram accounts will follow prompts through the app to easily share on their Instagram. This aspect will make Instagram a more viable channel for content creation and will raise engagement from retailers in Instagram campaigns.

Instagram App Upload

Instagram Upload Final






















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Marketing Calendar on Mobile

The mobile app gives retailers the opportunity to see all of their scheduled digital activity in one calendar that they can access on their phone. The option of having the Marketing Calendar available at any time makes sure that retailers remain up to date with the ongoing campaigns provided from brands even if they aren’t at their desktop computers, and can talk about ongoing campaigns with customers in-store with information about the campaign at their fingertips. This feature promises higher usage of brand content.

Marketing Brand Content CalendarLocal Ads

The Local Ads function of Promoboxx is now available in the iOS and Android apps, allowing retailers to participate in Local Ads from their phone. Providing access to Local Ads in the updated app places the feature at the forefront of the user experience and equips retailers with even more opportunities to gain visibility with local customers. This will support the retailer’s social media efforts and business growth through highly targeted ads flighted around a physical store location, bringing new customers in-store to make a purchase.

How do you get it?

The iOS app is now available in the Apple app store, and the Android app is available in the Google Play Store for simple download and login with the same login credentials from your Promoboxx account. In the app store search ‘Promoboxx’ and download the app that appears.

Promoboxx is constantly looking for ways to improve the service that we provide to our brands and retailers and to continue to encourage them to be the best marketers they can be. With the new Promoboxx mobile app experience, we’ve made the retailer experience effective and efficient.

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