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Promoboxx UNBOXXED: Your Retailer’s Yearly Activity Wrap-Up


For retailers, executing an effective social media strategy can sometimes feel challenging. With inventory management, display arrangements, employee training, and customer service, we know your retailers are busy! At Promoboxx, we want to make the world of social media easy and the impact of those actions crystal clear. 

That’s why we’ve introduced UNBOXXED, a yearly activity wrap-up sent to each of your retailers highlighting top metrics demonstrating exactly how your brand’s Promoboxx activity has impacted their social media.  

The Unboxxed Experience

The Promoboxx UNBOXXED wrap-up acknowledges the power of your retailer’s digital voice and the brands that amplify it. It encapsulates your retailer’s yearly performance in one convenient personalized web page.

The UNBOXXED wrap-up is rich in insights! Here’s a breakdown of what your retailers receive:

  • Promoboxx Activities
  • Top Organic Brand
  • Paid Ad Funds & Impact
  • Consumer Engagement 
  • Impressions and Channel Breakdown

Check out which retailers have you as their Top Organic and Top Paid, leverage your data to improve campaigns, engage your audience, and strengthen your retailer partnerships. Use the insights to fine-tune your approach, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your Promoboxx CSM for any support you might need along the way!

Interested in checking out a sample report? Click here.