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Promoboxx UNBOXXED: Your Yearly Activity Wrap-Up


For retailers, executing an effective social media strategy can sometimes feel like chasing smoke. With changing algorithms, new platforms, and shifting consumer behaviors, the ground beneath our digital feet can seem to be in constant flux. With Promoboxx, your steadfast ally in the storm of internet marketing, we put you – the retailer – back in the driver’s seat. Enter, UNBOXXED, your yearly activity wrap-up, highlighting top metrics that demonstrate exactly how your Promoboxx activity has impacted your social media.  

The UNBOXXED Experience

The Promoboxx UNBOXXED wrap-up acknowledges the power of your store’s digital voice and the brands that amplify it. It encapsulates your yearly performance in one convenient personalized web-page, showcasing your store’s key social media activities, top-performing organic and paid posts, and your top brands, to name just a few highlights. It’s an illuminating look at the impact of your social media presence and a strategic compass for the year ahead.

What to Look For in Your UNBOXXED Report

Your UNBOXXED wrap-up is rich in insights! Here’s a breakdown of what you can look forward to:

Highlighting Your Activities

Discover just how active you’ve been with social media sharing, downloads, and engagement with your brands. It’s a testament to your commitment and drive, laid out in black and white.

Championing The Top Organic Brand

Uncover the brand that has resonated the most with your audience organically. It’s proof that authenticity and connection matter in the digital sphere.

Scaling New Heights With Paid Ads

Get a grasp on the reach and influence of your paid ads. The paid brand that contributed the most spend, and how those ad dollars reflect your strategic savvy and the growth of revenue-generating potential of your online community.

Consumer Engagement Galore

See the numbers behind the likes, comments, shares, and link clicks. It’s the social proof of your success.

Impressions and Channel Breakdown

Understand where you’ve made the most noise. Is it Instagram, Facebook, or beyond? Understand how many customers are seeing your social media posts.

Leveling Up Your Social Media Game

The UNBOXXED wrap-up is not just about reflection but about action. It’s a blueprint for strategic adjustments and elevations in your social media game. Here are key takeaways to maximize your social media potential:

The Power of Sharing

Learn how to capitalize on your engagement by leveraging Promoboxx’s sharing features to amplify your presence further.

Automating Content for Consistency

Consistency is key in the digital world. Discover the power of content automation that keeps your feed current and your audience engaged.

Expanding Your Brand Partnerships

Promote the brands you carry. Learn how to connect with more brands and diversify your social media impact.

Requesting More Tailored Content

Understand how to request a more relevant content stream. Tell your brands what types of content resonates most with your customers.

Connecting New Social Channels

Ready to spread your wings beyond the familiar Facebook and Instagram? Learn more about channel expansion for a more comprehensive social media footprint.

Each tip and trick serves to facilitate your store’s growth in the digital marketplace.

Your Action Plan

With the UNBOXXED wrap-up freshly unwrapped, what’s next? Leverage your data, engage your audience, and strengthen your brand partnerships. Use the insights to fine-tune your approach, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Promoboxx for any support you might need in your social media endeavors.

Whether you’re a seasoned retailer or just finding your voice online, Promoboxx ensures that every post, share, and comment contributes to a unified, strategic front. Your social media strategy isn’t just a series of outputs; it’s a narrative — your narrative, in collaboration with the brands you sell. And the numbers in your UNBOXXED wrap up are the proof in the pudding.

Need assistance or have any questions about the UNBOXXED wrap-up? Reach out to After all, your success is our success, and we are here to ensure that your story in 2024 is one for the history books. Happy unboxxing!