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Putting Pets First: Petcurean Positions Retailers as Nutrition Experts

At Petcurean, pet care always comes first; they understand that each pet has different needs, and pet parents often need guidance when choosing the right recipes to nourish their furry friend. Pet specialty retailers are essential to Petcurean – they are the trusted connection and personalized support that these pet owners are looking for when making a purchasing decision.

To better support their retailers with digital marketing campaigns that connect and educate local communities about pet nutrition, Petcurean turned to Promoboxx.

We sat down with Annabelle Immega, Trade Marketing Manager at Petcurean, to hear more about why Petcurean prioritizes working with retailers, what successful tactics they’ve seen retailers in the pet care industry use, and why their retailers should be excited about this new partnership with Promoboxx.  

What makes retailers essential to your shopper’s journey?

Independent pet specialty retailers are essential in providing product education and guidance in a cluttered marketplace where purchasing decisions can be overwhelming for consumers. They’re also an important part of their community, providing local pet owners with a positive in-person experience through events and services such as grooming or vet care.

What are some of your most successful retailers doing?

Our most successful retailers engage directly and meaningfully with their local community through initiatives such as adoption events and digital education campaigns. They invest in their staff, building their pet nutrition knowledge and encouraging their creativity in areas like social media strategy or in-store display programs, and they partner with like-minded brands to maximize the support available to them, particularly with forward-thinking strategies such as e-commerce and social media.

Why did Petcurean decide to partner with Promoboxx to support these retailers?

Our partnership with Promoboxx allows us to enhance our abilities to efficiently provide compelling digital marketing support to our valued retail partners. Content creation is fast becoming a vital part of any industry, adding a whole new layer of required expertise and time investment to a retailer’s job. With a platform that is easy to use for brands and retailers alike, plus in-depth metrics which help us ensure our content is as effective as possible, partnering with Promoboxx was an easy choice.

Why should your retailers be excited about this partnership? What can they expect?

Independent pet specialty retailers are a busy bunch who often wear many hats. By partnering with Promoboxx, we’re offering an opportunity to alleviate some of that stress by providing them with professionally produced digital assets, along with valuable support to ensure their social media efforts gain maximum results. They can expect varied types of content from Petcurean, including new product launches, pet nutrition education, and contest opportunities.

What is the best part about working with retailers?

The best part of working with retailers is helping them achieve their particular vision for their business, be it establishing their brand as a hub for nutrition information or the go-to spot for community programs such as dog walking clubs or adoption events. At the end of the day, we’re all just people who share a love of pets, and it’s a special experience when your efforts can drive the bottom line while simultaneously helping rescue pets find their forever home or providing the recipe that helps a pet overcome a health issue.  

Thank you, Annabelle, for taking the time to chat with us! Promoboxx is thrilled to be a part of Petcurean’s retail marketing strategy, working together to support pet specialty retailers and the authentic experiences they provide. Find out more about this partnership in the press release

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