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Real-Time Local Marketing that Delivers Real-Time Results [Product Sneak Peek]

New and improved Promoboxx Landing Pages!

There really is nothing like walking into my local store, being greeted by name, and asked if I’ve finished my renovation project (spoiler: I haven’t). My retailer gets me, and at Promoboxx, we want every consumer to have that type of personal, feel-good experience every time they step into a local store.

That’s why we’re excited to add brand new features to Promoboxx Landing Pages, coming this spring in Q2 2018! With a single campaign, you can generate as many landing pages as you have retailers. Instantly. Let’s take a look…

Memorable in-store experiences start online.

Promoboxx Landing Pages - Local Marketing

Over two-thirds of buyers start their shopping journey online, according to a recent Deloitte report. Brands and retailers that provide a unified, personal digital experience *together* will win retail loyalty, mindshare, and the battle for revenue. That’s where Promoboxx Landing Pages come in.

Promoboxx Landing Pages help you identify buying intent, display the right content, and ultimately convert shoppers into real leads near every storefront.

Landing pages are a powerful tool to help brands drive more leads (and therefore new business!) directly to their local retailers. With these new features, you can automatically localize your content, page flow, and experience based on things like social interests and even consumer clicks on a specific local marketing campaign. You name it — content blocks, forms, calls-to-action — you will be able to customize it.

Landing page automation helps you get more done.

Any time we launch a new product, we try to think about the new features delivered and how to make the overall platform easier to use for our customers.

With the new Landing Page builder, you can create 10s (or even 100s) of landing pages easily and on the fly. Upload your creative once, and the platform will automatically build out all of your segments and variations. All you need to do is review, make tweaks, and launch.

Localized landing pages, combined with lightning-fast automation, help you deliver digital experiences that drive new customers in-store faster — without needing more hours in the day to get it all done.

What this really means for brands and retailers.

Brands can take powerful consumer engagement data back to their retailers, empowering the two to have the right co-marketing conversations and make better business decisions together.

Brand sales reps can walk into any storefront with real-time conversion data that helps retailers buy more inventory with confidence.

Retailers can see real consumer engagement and real storefront activity in real-time. They’ll understand which local marketing campaigns drove foot traffic, and, as a result, will be better prepared to help their businesses grow and respond to local demand.

In conclusion…

With Promoboxx Landing Pages, brands and retailers *together* will connect, align, and convert more customers faster. Contact us anytime to see a live demo of Landing Pages and more, or sign up here to be a beta user!


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