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Campaign Tagging & Search by Tag


Retailers and brands are strapped for time – so being able to find content quickly is incredibly important. Promoboxx has released a feature to make categorizing and searching for content simple. Login to Promoboxx to check it out!

Fast and Easy Content Searching for Retailers

Retailers are often juggling many responsibilities and do not have time to look through all of their campaigns at once. They need a quick and easy way to find campaigns that are most applicable to their business so they can get back to handling the daily responsibilities of retail. We are always thinking about supporting local stores, so we created a new feature to make their experience within Promoboxx as straightforward as possible! 

Simple Campaign Organization

Campaign Tagging and Search by Tag gives retail marketers a way to categorize their campaigns and keep them organized when creating them. By applying a tag (or set of tags) to each campaign they create, they will make sure retailers can find the content they are interested in without needing to scroll or click into each campaign to see if it’s a fit.  

How to Tag Campaigns (Brands)

To set-up your tags, login to Promoboxx and head over to your Settings on the left navigation. Select the Global Settings and type your campaign tags into the “Campaign Tags” section. (Need some tag inspiration? Keep reading below…)

When building your campaigns, you can assign one or more tags to the campaign by going to Campaign Details and selecting the tags that are most relevant to your content.

How to Search by Tag (Retailers)

To search your brand campaigns by tag, login to Promoboxx and click “Search by tag” at the top of your dashboard. Scroll through the tag options and select any of the tags that you would like to see results for. You can select more than one tag at a time and can remove tags by clicking “x” next to the tag that you no longer want to search by.

Best Practices for Tagging Campaigns

Now that you have the ability to tag your campaigns, what is the best way to categorize them? Below you will find tag recommendations based on what retailers are searching for within the Promoboxx platform. By following these guidelines, retailers will know what to look for in each tag category. 

Tag by Campaign Category – What is the primary focus of the campaign?
  • Product: Highlighting specific products (e.g. new shoe launch)
  • Sale: Promoting a particular sale (e.g. President’s Day Sale)
  • Inspirational: Inspiring customers to think or do something (e.g. recipes to inspire cooking)
  • Educational: Educating customers on topics that involve your products (e.g. blog posts)
  • Holiday: Acknowledging or celebrating a holiday (e.g.Valentine’s Day)
Tag by Media Type  – Any unique media included in the campaign?
  • Video: Video posts/assets are included
  • Landing Page: Co-branded landing page built for campaign
Tag by Local Advertising – Are you offering local ad funds or is it eligible for co-op?
  • Local Ads: Brand-funded advertising is available
  • Co-op: Campaign is eligible for co-op
Tag by Product – Featuring any particular SKUs or models?
  • [Major Products Featured]: Specify the models or types of products featured (e.g. alpine skis)
  • [Sub-brand Names]: If you create content for sub-brands, tag them accordingly
  • Women/Men/Kids/Co-Ed: Specify if your content features a specific demographic

And of course, if you’re not a Promoboxx user already, contact us to see a live demo. We’d love to bring you onboard! 😉

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