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Promoboxx Landing Pages:
Mobile-First, Easy to Use, and Designed to Convert


Marketers, meet your new best friend. Promoboxx Landing Pages are easy to use, designed to convert, and ready for you now. Really… Login to your Promoboxx account, they’re there! 

In this post, we’ll tell you all about Landing Pages features, how easy they are to deploy, and how they are designed to help retailers engage and convert more local consumers.

Mobile-first for consumers. Out-of-the-box for retailers.

In the last year, we saw 90% of Promoboxx Landing Pages visits coming directly from mobile devices. Consumers are digital. They’re busy. They’re on-the-go. And they need a digital experience that meets their ongoing, ever-changing expectations. 

We also know how hard it is to deliver on these expectations. But we don’t need to tell you that. Marketers are under tremendous pressure to get more done — and show a higher ROI — with fewer resources. Retailers often face the same challenges. Everyone understands the importance of mobile, but most just don’t have the tools they need to implement it. 

Enter Promoboxx Landing Pages.

Promoboxx Landing Pages: Mobile First EditingWith responsive design pre-built into every single page and template, Landing Pages are mobile-first to help you meet this consumer demand, while also increasing engagement and conversion on your brand content. 

Brand marketers create, edit, and preview what the landing page will look like in a mobile view first. By designing for smaller mobile screens, you can hone in on the most critical information to present, creating a landing page completely focused on the path to conversion. 

By supporting retailers with a mobile-first toolkit, you’re helping them deliver better digital experiences at the local level that motivate consumers on what to buy and where to buy it. Retailers are more likely to promote your brand, more frequently. On top of gaining that retailer mindshare, Landing Pages are optimized for when, how, and where consumers view content, making your customers more likely to engage, convert, and buy more product. 

An editing experience that is easy AND beautifully branded.

Promoboxx Landing Pages: Editing the Hero Image

Promoboxx Landing Pages are super intuitive and easy to use. In fact, we think you can even eliminate up to 1 week in your campaign set up time. This means you can get new campaigns out to your retailers (and therefore your local consumers) much faster. 

“CRAZY EASY!! That’s really all I can say. This is the most user-friendly platform ever. It’s kind of silly how easy it was.”
– Lisa Woods, Digital Content Analyst at Shaw Industries 

Landing Pages are customizable to fit your brand strategy and celebrate your retailers’ unique stores and local consumer needs. The ability to (and in real-time) drag and drop, add, or re-order widgets throughout the landing page designer makes edit rounds and getting the look and feel “just right” super easy. We’ve got a widget for text, image, video, hero, Call-to-Action (CTA), lead gen forms, and even store information like terms and conditions. Within each widget, you can auto-populate campaign assets that you’ve already uploaded to Promoboxx. Or, you can import new ones if you want. You can build landing pages off of a template, or clone from a prior campaign.

“Thank you to all of the team for making this so easy for those of us who aren’t developers!”
– Lisa Woods, Digital Content Analyst at Shaw Industries

My favorite part — and I’m not kidding, I teared up when I first saw the demo — is the combination of a simple editing experience with beautiful branding and design. The hero widget lets you drop your text on top of an image to create a beautiful, on-brand hero section, without needing any Photoshop or coding skills whatsoever. No more going back and forth with a designer (if you even have access to one!) for a whole week just to get a single image. You can do this on your own in just a few minutes with Promoboxx.

The end result is a beautifully branded landing page that you can build and optimize easily without needing a degree in design or IT. And all the while, you’re helping retailers promote more campaigns (and faster) to drive foot traffic and sales. 

A digital experience designed to convert consumers.

Promoboxx Landing Pages: One-Click Form Fill

One-click form fills help retailers capture more leads, faster.

Above all else, Promoboxx Landing Pages are designed to convert local consumers into happy, repeat customers. Here’s a look at some of the conversion features:

  • One-click form fills for Facebook and Google  
  • Clearly defined CTA buttons, including a retailer website, get directions to or call a physical location, or download a file 
  • Support a variety of marketing initiatives from lead gen campaigns to evergreen sites

Throughout each landing page, the retailer store information is displayed accurately and prominently so consumers know where to call and how to get there. 

We’re also tracking less than 1-2 second page load times so you can deliver a lightning-fast experience for consumers that need to buy or reserve product right now. Promoboxx Landing Pages keep consumers engaged longer, and therefore more likely to convert. 

Now’s the time to support your retailers with Landing Pages!

The busiest retail season is knocking on our doors, and it’s more important than ever to support your retailers. Promoboxx Landing Pages give them the marketing tools they need to promote your brand and convert more local consumers at the height of the season. 

With Landing Pages that are mobile-first and easy to build, you’ve completely optimized your local marketing strategy for when, how, and where consumers view content — increasing retailer mindshare and making consumers more likely to engage, convert, and buy more product. 

The best part is we actually don’t think you need training to start using Landing Pages today. (But of course, call us if you do!) Login to your account to start building. Or, if you’re not a Promoboxx user already, contact us to see a live demo


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