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Dan Gentile

Product Update [July 2017]

As a follow-up to our iOS mobile app update, we’ve released our first ever Promoboxx app for Android! With the new app, you can now...

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Johanna Fiedler

Product Update [May 2017]

The Promoboxx platform is always being updated and finessed to provide you the best digital marketing experience possible. Whether it’s...

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Johanna Fiedler

Feature Highlight: Automation

Don’t have someone dedicated to maintaining a social presence for your business? Just getting started with social media and would...

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Chloe Chalakani

Small Biz Spotlight: Tahoe Mountain Sports

Welcome to our Small Biz Spotlight series! An interview series focusing on local retailers and what makes them special. Our very first...

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Isolde Decker-Lucke

New and Improved Mobile App

Promoboxx has released a new and improved mobile app for iOS and Android to help simplify and streamline your content-sharing process! The...

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Johanna Fiedler

Best Times to Post on Social Media

As you’re scheduling content for your business, you may find yourself asking, “When is the best time for me to share this post online?...

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Johanna Fiedler

Feature Highlight: Share Scheduling

Looking for ways to save yourself time and effort when it comes to social media marketing? Promoboxx’s share scheduling tool has you...

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Johanna Fiedler

Product Update [April 2017]

Here at Promoboxx, we are constantly improving the platform to better suit your digital marketing needs. Whether it’s simplifying steps,...

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Tyler Cumella

Over 65% of the Best Running Stores in America Use Promoboxx

Every year, Competitor magazine partners with Running Insight trade magazine to identify the 50 Best Running Stores in America, recently...

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