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How to Make Retailers a Part of Your Instagram Marketing Strategy


Instagram, the mobile-sharing social platform with over 800 million users and 500 million daily active users, is taking local marketing by storm. Its simplicity and engaging use of imagery make it a great platform for any retailer interested in standing out and attracting customers. As social media continues to have impacts on consumer shopping behaviors, Instagram is no exception. According to a recent study of 2,000 Instagram users surveyed, half said Instagram was the social media platform that most influenced their shopping habits. Don’t let those potential sales disappear! Instead, help your retailers increase foot traffic and make sales by incorporating them into your Instagram marketing strategy.

Follow these 4 tips to create Instagram content that will grow your retailer’s online presence – and drive in-store traffic!

1. Use Inspirational, Scroll-Stopping Content

Your retailer needs to be sharing content that is high-quality, eye-catching and relevant to stand out from the 25 million businesses on Instagram. If users see content that is blurry, poorly composed, or irrelevant – they are unlikely to engage with it and will most likely unfollow the account. Brands can help by sharing high-resolution photos and videos with retailers that are in-focus, eye-catching, and tell a visual story to the user.

Your brand has built a great following over time, and expanding the reach of your content through local retailer’s Instagram profiles can help you to not only remain relevant but also connect with new potential consumers.

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2. Share Information on Peak Posting Times

Depending on where you are sharing content, every social platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has its own unique “peak user” time frames. Let retailers who may not be familiar with Instagram marketing know your social media team’s best practices, such as when to post and how to engage with other accounts in their areas. Feel free to send them to our retailer blog for some retailer-focused guidance!

3. Share Copy Options with Retailers

When your retail partners post on Instagram, you want them to reach and engage with their community and industry, not only their current followers. When brands provide retailers with copy options for Instagram, those retailers can increase traffic to their Instagram without feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to post. Brands should provide copy that poses questions and encourages interaction with the post, while also utilizing brand and industry hashtags. Hashtags help Instagrammers to discover content, even if they do not follow a specific account. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

By following your brand’s Instagram marketing best practices, and using the hashtags your brand has invested in (such as those connected to campaigns or promotions), your retailers can create a strong Instagram following of their own.

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4. Encourage Your Retailers

Send reminder emails to your retailers to encourage them to engage with the Instagram posts, and offer them guidance when needed. Instagram is an essential part of an online store’s presence and can help retailers to quickly and easily connect with people in their local areas. And of course – follow their accounts when you can and like their posts! Everyone needs encouragement.

Retailers, click here if you’re an iPhone user and click here if you’re an Android user to find out how to share on Instagram through Promoboxx.

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Make Instagram Your Retailer’s Strongest Channel

Increase the reach of your Instagram marketing content by investing in Local Ads on Instagram through Promoboxx. Promoboxx is a retail marketing platform used by brands to provide their retail partners with access to marketing content they can share with their local audience across key digital channels such as Instagram. Through Local Ads, brands can extend their national content, targeting, and media mix to local retailers, where both benefit from reaching nearby customers on mobile devices.

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