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Retailers Rule! Online Marketing Insights from Tracey Norvell at Jackie Cooper Nissan

Here at Promoboxx we LOVE our retailers, and keeping them engaged in our platform is very important to us. The Client Services team constantly reaches out to retailers to help get them started, show them new features, and answer any questions that they may have.

We also love getting their feedback. Meeting retailers’ needs is key to having engaged users, and we like to check in to see what retailers think of digital marketing and the Promoboxx platform. The Retailers Rule! interview series shares retailer insights across the industries and helps to better connect brands with their retailers.

I recently spoke with Tracey Norvell, head of Marketing for Jackie Cooper Nissan, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jackie Cooper Nissan opened in 1991 and is locally owned and operated. The Nissan franchise is 1 of 6 franchises operated by Jackie Cooper and for many years has been Oklahoma’s No. 1 Volume Nissan Dealer.  The dealership has also distinguished itself with 11 consecutive Nissan Owner First Awards.

Jackie Cooper Staff

Since 1996, Tracey Norvell has worked with managing partner Greg Kach and general manager Tim Hensley as an outside marketing/PR agency. In her current role she handles the auto group’s multiple Facebook pages, e-newsletters and events.

How has digital content impacted your store’s success?

We have found it has been a wonderful supplement to our monthly e-newsletters, periodic email campaigns, and even customer events. It has also given us another medium to use in supporting community nonprofits.

Facebook algorithm updates, that have led many scrambling to create more engaging posts, have reinforced why we strive to share content of value to followers. When we want to share a product message with a call-to-action, we craft it to perform well organically and often back it up with a modest advertising investment to target Facebook users more likely in the market to purchase an automobile.

Social media ROI is one of our bigger challenges. This quarter we are delving into Google Analytic tracking and reporting options to supplement Facebook Insights but it’s too soon to comment.  The Jackie Cooper Nissan page is also relatively new.  It was begun late in first quarter 2014 and currently has 1600 followers.  Before that, Nissan content appeared on the Jackie Cooper Imports page, which encompasses all 6 brands of the auto group.

What has your experience with Promoboxx been like so far? What are your favorite features?

Overall the experience has been very positive, interactive, and user friendly. From day one we’ve had good experiences via telephone, email, and chat with representatives and tech support. Promoboxx seems very interested and receptive to learning from users’ experiences and needs.

It also saves us a considerable amount of time that would otherwise be spent searching for images and content. As a Promoboxx user, I immediately found the ability to choose relevant content for followers and the dealership’s inventory to be very helpful. Being able to customize content and then schedule posts at times when fans are online is an added bonus – especially since these key features are not yet available from other manufacturers.

What has been your favorite Nissan campaign and why?

Altima Seats Reach

WithDad, FastFriday and the Altima Zero-Gravity/Shotgun posts have performed the best to-date, in terms of organic reach. Those campaigns seem to be the ones that have resonated most with individuals following us on Facebook.

What is your best advice for retailers just starting on Promobox?

Sign up, activate and utilize your account to the fullest!

Promoboxx gives dealerships a much-needed presence on Facebook and Twitter so even if a dealership does not have someone to consistently monitor the page, it’s a great tool to use to remain relevant among consumers. At Jackie Cooper Nissan, our number one goal is engagement.  I often customize social media posts on Promoboxx to ask questions and respond directly to customers on social media pages promptly. I like to think of our social media pages as a virtual showroom, just as a website is. Don’t open the front door and then leave the storefront unstaffed.


A big thanks to Tracey Norvell, head of Marketing at Jackie Cooper Nissan, for taking the time to chat and answer our questions! Check out their website and Facebook page!

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