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The Keys to Run Specialty Success
Insights from Terry Schalow of the Running Industry Association

Terry Schalow, Executive Director of the Running Industry Association (RIA) knows that independently owned running stores are special.

Terry Schalow, Executive Director of the Running Industry Association

These stores are the only place runners can go and know they’ll have all their questions personally answered by people who love to run. Supporting authentic experiences like these, found exclusively at local running stores, is one of the main reasons why Terry’s work at the RIA focuses on helping retailers succeed.

The RIA has added Promoboxx as a benefit for all its members, which means that members can now log into the Promoboxx platform to access and share running and footwear content. This digital content is specifically made to educate, entertain and engage local consumers – while driving in-store sales!

With over 30 years of experience in support of specialty running retail, Terry is definitely a running industry expert. He sat down with us to discuss the keys to a successful brand and retailer relationship, and why the recent partnership between Promoboxx and the RIA is incredibly exciting.

What advice would you give run specialty stores?

I see four key factors for success:  

  1. Laser-focus on inventory and cash flow.
  2. Community engagement and ‘experiential’ retail – make sure the visit to your store is more than just buying something.
  3. Curate your store with products that surprise and delight the visitor, and flow new products into the mix that encourage customers to come back and see what’s just come in.
  4. Push hard to grow the business with brands who are 100% vested in supporting run specialty.

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What is the most important thing running stores can do today to continue to engage with and excite their local community?

Stores need to focus on making people feel that they are a part of the store’s culture and not just a customer.  When people feel like they’re part of the ‘family’ they tend to be incredibly loyal. They become advocates for the business, and word of mouth is still the most effective and most credible form of marketing.  

How can brands support their retailers’ local success?

  1. Maintain the premium image of their products through clean distribution and aggressive enforcement of pricing policies.
  2. Create exclusive product offerings that can only be found at run specialty stores.
  3. Allow run specialty stores to participate in their direct to consumer sales efforts.
  4. Partner with stores’ community outreach through marketing and event support.

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Why did you decide to partner with Promoboxx?  

Promoboxx makes it super easy to execute a marketing plan. The platform is intuitive, simple to use, and offers powerful analytics. Given that our mission is to support our members by offering a variety of benefits that make it simple and profitable to do business, a partnership with Promoboxx was a straightforward decision. You can read more about the partnership in the press release.

Why should run specialty retailers be excited about this partnership?

What we’ll be offering our members will go beyond just announcing the partnership. We’ll engage them with training opportunities and a high level of content that will streamline and enhance their marketing efforts.

Why should running brands be excited about this partnership?

The higher level of engagement and use of Promoboxx tools by our retail members means more connection and impressions that go out to the brand’s end user. And that means more sales!

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Where’s the best place to go for a run?

The short answer is “Anywhere I happen to be running!” because being out there and getting a run in is a pretty happy place for me!

Thanks for chatting with us, Terry!

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