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Seeking Senior Developers Looking for a Good Home

I Can Has Job InterviewPromoboxx is looking for a Senior Developer to make an immediate impact on a rapidly scaling SaaS marketing technology start-up based in Boston’s South End. Promoboxx is the only brand-to-retail marketing platform that allows brands to reach more consumers by partnering with their local retailers by launching localized, co-branded online campaigns.

The Promoboxx team is passionate about helping local retailers succeed. A TechStars Boston 2011 company, Promoboxx is the leading platform for brand-to-retail marketing, working with Fortune 100 companies that include Chevrolet, Bridgestone, Reebok, Pepsi, GE Appliance, and many more.

About you…

  • Rails experience preferred, but generalists welcome
  • Medium to strong Javascript skills
  • Passion for your craft, pride in your work
  • Willing to teach and learn, play well with others, no egos
  • Want to see your work used by the biggest brands in the world

About the product…

  • Non-monolithic Rails app separated between UI and JSON web service
  • Rails 3.2, RSpec, MySQL, Javascript, Resque, AWS, Rightscale, Sendgrid
  • Interesting problems to solve – scaling, analytics, and service separation
  • Agile process leaning toward Kanban — a few stand-ups a week, pair sometimes

About Promoboxx…

  • Face the challenge of working with some of the biggest brands in the world – VW, Chevrolet, Bridgestone, Michelin, Pepsi, 3M, Reebok, Kia, Trek, etc.
  • Strong customer revenue and stable financing from Launch Capital, Boston Seed, Common Angels, and dozens of amazing angels
  • Open collaborative workspace with daily full team stand-ups
  • Great South End location, close to other startups
  • Team that works hard, but takes time to celebrate accomplishment
  • New Apple equipment (choice of desktop/laptop) for new hires
  • Employee rewards platform

About our professional development…

  • Unlimited free courses with our neighbors at
  • Bi-weekly team Lunch & Learns – watch a Railscast and then discuss (with cookies!)
  • thoughtbot prime subscription – unlimited thoughtbot workshops, books, etc.
  • Team is attending Wicked Good Ruby – Boston’s first Ruby conference in Oct 2013 (join us!)

Reach out to with a resume and your favorite picture from the internet.