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Retailers: It’s Time To Share, Share, Share!

Promoboxx helps manufacturing brands give their local independent retailers relevant online marketing materials for their online and social channels. We take pride in the ease in which a retailer can opt-in to a nationally sponsored brand campaign and have that page be significant to them (enter, co-branding anyone?!) It is our goal everyday for retailers to sign up for campaigns. However, once a retailer has signed up and their co-branded campaign has been created, the fun doesn’t have to stop there!

The most important part of any successful brand-to-retailer marketing campaign is retailer sharing. Why is sharing so important? By sharing the campaigns on Twitter pages, Facebook pages, website and e-mail, retailers stay front of mind with their consumers. Retailers are providing local, relevant content for their consumers to engage in.

Good thing for the retailers who use Promoboxx, we have made sharing extremely easy. Here is how you (the retailer) can share your customized campaigns via Promoboxx in three easy steps below.

Promoting Campaigns via Promoboxx

  • 1. Login: Login to Promoboxx
  • 2. Click: Click the black Share Campaign button within the retailer dashboard
  • 3. Share: Share a campaign by clicking one of the main share options (Website, Email, Facebook, Twitter)

For additional step-by-step instructions on how to share your campaigns via each channel (website, email, Facebook, Twitter) see below:

Sharing on Facebook:

  1. 1. Click the left grey Facebook bar
  2. 2. Click the blue Login to Facebook button (only visible if you are not already logged into Facebook), login and Allow Promoboxx access
  3. 3. To share on timeline: Choose your page in the drop down menu, add some custom share text, and click the blue Post to Facebook Page button
  4. 4. To add the Tab: Choose your page in the drop down menu, and click the blue Add Tab To Facebook Page button

Sharing on Twitter:

  1. 1. Click the left grey Twitter bar
  2. 2. Click the blue Login to Twitter button, login and allow Promoboxx access
  3. 3. Click the blue Tweet button

Sharing via E-Mail:

  1. 1. Click the left grey e-mail bar
  2. 2. Upload your contact list, or choose to send to your consumer leads already in Promoboxx
  3. 3. Preview your e-mail
  4. 4. Send to your contact list

Sharing via Website:

  1. 1. Click the left grey Website bar
  2. 2. Copy the code snippet provided
  3. 3. Paste the code to your website

So, retailers out there everywhere, login to Promoboxx and start sharing! We can’t wait to see your shares online! If you have any further questions contact or 1-800-380-7502.