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ShopRescue Winner, Gorman Bros, Finds the Value in Digital Marketing


Many local retailers are successfully doing digital marketing, but a large number are being left in the dark. Without proper education, guidance, or resources from the brands they sell, retailers can feel lost, unable to promote their brands digitally and continue to grow their rescue

To offer retailers an assist, we created ShopRescue, a free service for local retailers who could use a little help with digital marketing. Recently, family-run appliance store Gorman Bros. submitted their business to the program, hoping to drive traffic in-store and learn more about digital marketing.

We caught up with co-owner, Doug Gorman, to get his insights into the ShopRescue experience, talking about the challenges they face with digital marketing, the brand support they receive from Electrolux and Fisher & Paykel, and the measurable impact of Promoboxx Local Ads.

Tell us a little bit about your business and your role.shoprescue gorman bros

Gorman Brothers has been in business for nineteen years now. We’re an appliance and lighting showroom in Prairieville, Louisiana. I’m the owner, along with my brother, Mike. Aside from selling appliances and lighting fixtures, we do service work, too. We do it all.

What made you apply for the Shop Rescue program? What did you hope to accomplish?

We weren’t sure how to go about digital marketing at all. We reached out to Promoboxx because you have the experience.

Through the Shop Rescue program, our hope was to gain a greater understanding of digital marketing, and Promoboxx helped us accomplish that goal. The program was successful, and now we would like to expand and keep going with it.

What are some of the challenges you’ve run into with digital marketing?

The main issue was that we didn’t really know what to do or how to even begin. We were just using Facebook to post content to our existing audience, no ads or boosted posts, but that’s about it as far as digital marketing went. We only just started using Twitter.

It was also just difficult navigating the digital marketing platform the brand provided. They’ll tell you, “Yeah, we have a website. Go here to get all of your information and content,” but bringing that to life and creating your own program can be a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to get the initiative when you already have the daily responsibilities of running a store.

Now that Electrolux and Fisher & Paykel have brought us on to Promoboxx, though, we do feel more supported on the brand side.

What has your experience with Promoboxx been like so far?

We’ve been using Promoboxx for a couple of months now. We just go in, click a few buttons, and it pretty much takes care of everything itself. It’s also been great receiving this kind of structured approach to digital marketing from Electrolux and Fisher & Paykel.

Gorman Bros.’ ShopRescue Experience

After speaking with Doug and hearing their desire to bring more new customers in-store, we offered Gorman Bros. advertising funds to use on Facebook through Promoboxx Local Ads. Using brand content from Fisher & Paykel, the ad took consumers to a mobile-optimized landing page co-branded that promoted both Gorman Bros. store information and Fisher & Paykel products.

digital marketing

Local Ad on Facebook & Mobile-Optimized Landing Page


Only running for a week, the ad was a massive success! The final results were:

  • Over 18,000 unique impressions on mobile devices
  • Over 500 ‘Likes’ or ‘Reactions’
  • Over 100 landing page clickthroughs

More than that, the program helped Doug to more clearly see the value of digital marketing and its overall impact on their business.

What are your thoughts on the Local Ads results?

The results for the campaign were quite impressive. For the dollars spent, I think the impressions we saw were great. Very well done. A good return on investment for such a small cost.

You can actually measure this, too. When you run something like a TV ad, you’re left wondering, “Hey, who saw this, did they like it?” There’s no real measurement. With this, we’ve got true numbers.

We had a great week in the store, so I would say that there was definitely a correlation between the two. My numbers can speak for it.

What are your next steps? What do you hope the future brings?

We just want to keep growing our business, and we’re going to do more digital marketing and local advertising to help us accomplish that. I think that’s the way things are moving.

Thanks so much to Doug for taking the time to speak with us! We wish Gorman Bros. the best of luck as they continue to dive into the world of digital marketing and will be there for continued support along the way. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

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