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So, What Is Brand-to-Retailer Marketing Anyways?

We’ve all heard of B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing, but what is this B2R marketing Promoboxx seems to talk so much about?

B2R (Brand-to-Retailer) marketing is connecting brands with their retailers by providing them with marketing materials they can use to facilitate the sale of their products and services they offer. Brand-to-Retailer marketing also plays a major role in strengthening the relationship between the brand and retailer, ultimately building a strong brand preference with each independent retailer.

Why is B2R Marketing important?

Manufacturing brands spend millions of dollars every year on national marketing programs. The majority of these programs focus on attracting and retaining consumers. In the past, retailers have been neglected in the marketing process. However, as competition has risen, brands need to find new ways to create preference of their products over others. Brands have started to realize that their retailers are their biggest advocates; in the end retailers have control of the products they sell, how they promote them and what they say to their consumers about them. What retailers don’t have, is the bandwidth to market these products and create preference on their own. Through brand-to-retailer marketing, brands give their retailers access to marketing programs that they can call their own and use to market to their consumers locally.

And what does Promoboxx have to do with B2R marketing?

Promoboxx is the glue for B2R marketing programs online. Shopper marketing has been around for a long time. Brands have provided independent retailers with in-store signage, fliers and coupons for years. However, with more and more consumers going online to research products and make purchases, brands are realizing they need to start providing online marketing resources to their retailers as well. When retailers build their presence online they can re-leverage national brand assets and activate consumer engagement throughout the digital path-to-purchase.

Promoboxx makes it easy for retailers to participate in the brand’s national online programs by providing easy-to-use tools to participate, co-brand, and distribute the programs on their online channels (Facebook, Twitter, website, and e-mail).

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