Your online social promotions should be just like butter. Not the saturated with fat part, but the spreadable everywhere part. You want promotions so good that friends share with friends and families share with family. You want the “Hey, I just got a great deal at…” status update.

There are two things that make your promotions spread: 1) a great incentive 2) multiple easy ways for people to share.

When building your online promotion, give your customers multiple ways to spread the word:

Example Promoboxx share tools for Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, and Google Buzz.
Easily market your online promotion with share tools.

Give them the means (share, like, retweet) and the reason (great deal, exclusive discount) and they will spread your promo “like butta baby!” If you’re looking to run a spreadable online promotion, launch a Promoboxx promotion today.

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