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Summer Social Media Campaign Ideas

Summer is here! 😎  Dive into these campaign ideas to turn the heat up on your social media strategy! ☀️

Summer Campaign Ideas

  • Run a Summer Competition or Giveaway
    • Summer is the perfect time to entice your audience with a fun competition or giveaway. Everyone loves a freebie!
  • Celebrate Summer Holidays and National Days
    • There are plenty of fun holidays to celebrate throughout the summer! But try to make sure that the holidays you utilize are at least somewhat relevant to your brand, product, or service.
  • Summer Themes
    • Incorporate themed social media posts that focus on summer-related items, activities, or concepts.
  • Summer Shopping and Sales
    • People love to shop during the summer! Encourage summer shopping and promote any of your summer sales.
  • Use Summer Emojis and Hashtags
    • Get extra exposure and make your campaigns stand out with fun summer emojis and hashtags!
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