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Support Back To Back Bay


Promoboxx is proud to announce our support of the Back To Back Bay campaign to help those retailers affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. These retailers have been closed for over a week, and many will be closed for much longer. Please click to view a map of those affected. To help, please share their page with your friends and family, “Like” their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or join their mailing list, but most importantly, spend some money at their locations.

Support Back To Back Bay

At Promoboxx we have ten core values, but the most important is “Believe in Retailers.” Hearing how retailers like Marathon Sports, Sugar Heaven, The Lenox Hotel, Forum Restaurant, and many others, quickly pushed aside their businesses to save lives, comfort the wounded, and then support law enforcement, our belief was confirmed and we thank you.

For those retailers affected, please reach out to if you need any help, anything.

So, please support these businesses, and please continue to support local retail because we need them.

Thank you for your support! #BostonStrong


Ben Carcio – CEO, Promoboxx
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