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Sweet Listening Lessons from NESTLÉ® Ice Cream

Most brands find managing digital marketing and social media efforts, no matter how big or small, a challenge — and what is even harder is aligning these national marketing campaigns so that they resonate with local consumers. This past summer, Nestlé was able to overcome these challenges, all by the simple act of listening.

Client Spotlight – NESTLÉ® Ice Cream

Nestle Ice Cream is known for treats like the NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK®, NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® Bar and the NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich. These frozen treats were the perfect promotional opportunity in Nestlé’s 2014 summer program, but Nestlé wanted to look beyond their traditional marketing tactics to engage local consumers.

Nestlé turned to Promoboxx to help activate their top convenience accounts throughout the United States. Nestlé launched their first series of campaigns via Promoboxx in May, 2014, with the initial goal of reaching more local consumers.

What was to follow were a series of insights that would help Nestlé better understand their most important customer – the businesses buying and selling their products to the local consumer (in this case their convenience accounts).

Three Goals:

  1. Improve relationships and align national marketing efforts with local convenience accounts
  2. Streamline processes of distributing content to the local consumer through convenience channels
  3. Increase rate at which local accounts promote the Nestlé brand online and in-store


The first content made available to participating convenience accounts featured promotional images of Nestlé Ice Cream products. This content could quickly and easily be promoted on social channels, website and email.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.49.52 PM

The Promoboxx support team quickly began receiving inbounds from participating convenience accounts. Feedback was mostly around content relevancy that varied by each store’s demographics, location and unique branding.

“I suggest more humorous content, like games/trivia, contests, puns/wordplay, etc.!” – Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes

“We like to share content that adds a smile to our customer’s day!” – Crosby’s

“We try to appeal to families and position ourselves as a healthier on-the-go option!” – Tedeschi Food Shops


Nestlé took feedback and went back to the drawing board, quickly working with their agency to tweak content based off of the insights gathered directly from the people who would be promoting it.

Shortly after the new content was made available to participating accounts, Nestlé saw a 60% increase in convenience account engagement, as well as an increase in consumer engagement.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.42.06 PM


By simply listening to their convenience accounts Nestlé was able to quickly identify the right tools and content that would drive the local marketing success they were looking to achieve through Promoboxx.

  • 84% of invited convenience accounts activated Promoboxx
  • In just three short months, 300+ account actions were tracked (content activations + promotions)

“Promoboxx is easy to use! We like the relevant & creative content and the increased communication with Nestlé!” – NOCO Energy

“Signs that the [Promoboxx] social posts are increasing sales are good!” – Crosby’s

“Promoboxx has been an excellent resource for promoting Nestle products. The content is engaging and relevant, which allows us to engage our social media audience in conjunction to advertising our Nestle products.” – Tedeschi Food Shops

The Takeaway:

The true takeaway from this case study is that brands can learn a lot from their retailers when they listen (whether it is their small shops or large convenience chains). And when actions and alignment are created based around these powerful insights – everyone wins.

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