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Co-marketing can be best described as a practice where two companies cooperate with separate distribution channels, and jointly promote. With most companies looking for innovative and fresh marketing tactics, co-marketing is emerging as a popular way to generate leads, sell more product, and strengthen partnerships.

At Promoboxx, we believe in co-marketing 100%. In fact, we’ve built a platform that helps national brands “co-market” or “co-promote” with their most important asset, their retail partners. And we’ve found that these co-branded promotions are 5x more effective in driving leads. Here’s an offline, real world example we found on the MBTA in Cambridge, MA. This co-promotion is for Vitamin Water, specifically for its new “Glow” flavor. The partner in this example is Tedeschi Food Shops, a local retailer that sells Vitamin Water.

We’ll continue to share offline examples as we find them, or feel free to take snapshots and send us what you find around your town. Below are some more examples of co-branded marketing.

Cat Footwear + Jeff Burton

CAT Footwear and NASCAR driver Jeff Burton teamed up to generate thousands of leads with this co-branded promotion.

PrimeSport + Pro Football Teams

PrimeSport, provider of tickets and VIP hospitality for some of the biggest sporting events, teamed with 12 Pro Football teams to launch a co-branded sweepstakes. Here’s the Minnesota Vikings example, which helped PrimeSport amass almost 50,000 Facebook fans.

Linus Bike + Retail Partners Our next example is with the brand Linus Bike in cooperation with their entire base of 150 local retailers. This example is with Rage Cycles, a bike store located in sunny Scottsdale, AZ .

Barney Butter + Blogger Partners Here we have a slightly different example where Barney Butter, makers of a delicious all-natural almond butter, decided to run a co-marketing promotion with numerous health conscious bloggers. This example highlights promoting Barney Butter’s new squeeze packs.

Magura Direct & Uvex + Retail Partners Our final example includes UvexMagura Direct, and 1,000+ local retailers. The local retailer in this sweepstakes is WheelWorks, a bike shop in Cambridge, MA.

It’s as simple at that, and remember there is no “i” in leads nor sales. 😉 One last thing, our team really does believe in the power of “co.” So much so, even this post was “co-written” by myself and my teammate, Sonciary Honnoll.