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At Promoboxx we empower retailers to market together with brands in the online world, ultimately growing the reach of the brand and the retailer. It is not easy to get both the retailer and consumer equally engaged in online campaigns, however one of our clients has done an exceptional job at both!

Bellwether, a brand known for it’s high quality cycle-wear and sporting accessories, just launched their winter giveaway with Promoboxx, offering consumers a chance to win a Bellwether Winter Kit. This winter kit contains all the accessories  to help cyclists stay on the road all winter long. The kit includes the Stomfront Jacket, Velocity Vest, Shield Gloves and more. Not only is Bellwether offering great prizes to their consumers, but they are also offering incentives to their participating dealer locations as well.

Bellwether will be partnering with it’s dealerships across the country for this online giveaway and each week a winner will be announced. The dealership whose consumer won that weeks giveaway will also receive 20% off of their next Bellwether order! By using Promoboxx, dealers will be able to share their customized giveaway page on all of their online channels and drive traffic to their store.

We love this campaign because it not only offers something to the consumer, it rewards the dealer who is engaging their fans online — ultimately building a stronger online marketing presence — AND it promotes Bellwether! It is the perfect example of how brand and retailers can work together to expand their marketing efforts in order to make one another, and their consumers, happier.

Want your shot at winning the Bellwether Winter Kit? We can’t enter, but you can! Just find a participating Bellwether dealer near you and enter to win.