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Barney Butter, a brand of all natural almond butter made with Premium California Almonds, can be found at independent and national grocery stores across the United States.

In February 2011, Barney’s Director of Marketing & E-Commerce, Erin Carpenter, launched their first online Promoboxx promotion. The goal was to boost Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and direct traffic to the company‚Äôs site to increase awareness of their products.

“We’re hoping that by running online promotions, we will be able to accomplish our goals and therefore increase sales,” Erin says.

Erin adds that she didn’t know the power of social promotions until her promotion was created and launched.

“What surprised me was that I began to see an extremely high conversation rate, 30% actually, from unique leads to participants,” she says. “This is not typical of any other marketing channel.”

And there are other benefits to running an online promotion that’s sharable, Erin adds: “Facebook and Twitter are hugely popular for people sharing about the foods they are enjoying. How often do you see your friends updating or tweeting a picture of their meals? People love to talk about food. So, we’re creating opportunities to encourage online chatter around about our Barney Butter products.”

Promotion Results

Since the start of the promotion in February 2011, nearly 150 people have clicked on ‘like’ Barney Butter’ on Facebook. Here are the stats, so far:

– Promotion Offer: Are you a smooth or a crunchy?
– Promotion URL:
– Promotion Duration: 15 days, and counting
– Overall Conversion: 30%

Next Steps

The next step for Barney Butter is to work with online promotional experts from Promoboxx on further optimizing future campaigns.