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From the CEO’s Soapbox…

I remember this Bugs Bunny cartoon where these two guys get stranded on an island. After a while they start to imagine each other as food, one a hamburger, the other a hot dog. So, I think of that and laugh anytime I see an online marketing company like HubSpot or Contant Contact trying to charge small retail businesses for online marketing tools. They’re looking at these retailers as hamburgers, when they’re just busy people who have neither the time or the skills required to use their tools effectively.

This is why Promoboxx works with manufacturing brands to provide online marketing campaigns to their small retailers for FREE. The retailers are already paying enough to stock the goods they sell, so why charge them $29 per month here or $99 a month there, when brands should be helping them for nothing. This works because brands have a vested interest in making sure their retailers are supported, because when the retailer sells something both the brand and the retailer benefits.

So, for all your small business marketing platforms stranded on the your little islands, don’t eat our retailers please.


Ben Carcio, CEO
ben at prombooxx dot com