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As a national brands seek new ways to reach their customers with relevant and engaging content, they use the Promoboxx platform to launch co-branded campaigns with their network of local retailers. Engaging local retailers has proven to be an effective marketing tool for brands, but what exactly makes an effective co-branded campaign? We love helping brands get the most out of Promoboxx, and here are 4 ways that brands are using our platform to launch successful co-branded campaigns with their retailers:

1. Invitations: Invite ‘em to the Party

In most cases, one of the first times a retailer hears about a Promoboxx campaign is in the initial invite email, sent from the Promoboxx Invitation System. The message that brands send to their retailers should be optimized to give the retailer as much information about the campaign as possible: what the upcoming campaign is (the what), why they should participate (the why), and how they can participate (the how). An effective message is essential to high retailer engagement rates.

2. Share Options: Sharing is Caring

Many brands have special preferences for certain social media channels — perhaps consumers like to interact with Brand A primarily via Twitter, or perhaps Brand B finds Facebook to be the most effective way to distribute promotional content to consumers. Promoboxx works with brands to determine which social channels are best to create and share content on, and then helps them to optimize that content around the unique characteristics of those channels.

For example, Facebook content is most effective when it includes strong visual content – photos and videos. Consumers love viewing and sharing visual content on Facebook, so an effective way to optimize Facebook content is to include engaging video and photo content.

On the other hand, content shared on Twitter is “bite-sized”, fitting into the 140 character limit. Tweets encourage dialogue between consumers, brands, and retailers – it’s a conversation, so brands should use it as an opportunity to listen and share. Both retailers and consumers love sharing content via Twitter conversations. Twitter content should be clear and concise to really pack a punch — have your retailers promote your brand, use hashtags, get consumers engaged in current promotions and fit that all into 140 characters!

3. Share Reminders: Share Early, Share Often

So retailers have signed up for Promoboxx, your brand has created engaging content around your current campaign, but how does your brand get retailers interested in sharing that content? Promoboxx helps brands remind their retailers how, when, and what to share — all by sending out consistent share reminder messages specifically tailored to a campaign and the content it has to offer. Promoboxx encourages brands to send share reminders to their retailers regularly throughout the lifetime of the campaign, using the Email Notifications System. Continued sharing helps to keep marketing campaigns at the top of retailers’ Facebook and Twitter feeds.

4. Update Content: Keep it Fresh

Many brands will use the Promoboxx platform to run ongoing campaigns that continue for extended periods of time. In the case of these ‘evergreen’ campaigns, it’s important for brands to keep their content fresh. Promoboxx encourages brands to split their ongoing campaigns into several phases. From one phase to another, content should change. Brands may swap out new photos or videos, and refresh information about promotions – all in an effort to keep the content current and relevant to consumers. To keep your retailers and consumers engaged, you need to keep it fresh and exciting.