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Promoboxx is excited to be a part of Firestone Tires’ hottest summer promotion, Destination: Turbo. Celebrating the release of Dreamworks’ latest movie featuring Firestone tires, “Turbo” is the story of a snail with big dreams to win the Indy 500. Firestone wanted to get their dealers in on the action to spread the word about the campaign, which offers a Destination: Turbo Movie Pack and a Prepaid MasterCard with the purchase of 4 eligible Firestone tires.

However, localizing a national campaign with over 4,500 dealers did not come without some challenges. With dealers falling within a large spectrum of tech savviness, Firestone needed to deliver a solution that was easy and professional that would appeal to dealers just getting started with social media, as well as those with hundreds of “likes” on their Facebook page. Enter… Promoboxx!

Together with Firestone, Promoboxx built a campaign that is enticing for dealers to share on their online channels, as it includes a lead generation component designed to capture customer information. Accustomed to these leads going straight to corporate, they are thrilled to be able to collect and store leads within Promoboxx. Dealers can even send the co-branded campaign via email to the leads collected by the campaign, making the distribution of the promotion seamless.

Dealers also appreciated the ease of opting into the campaign and sharing it out via Facebook, Twitter and Email. In order to participate, dealers need only to click a link, confirm their dealership’s information and then share it out. Piece. of. cake.

Above all, it’s clear that dealers truly appreciate that Firestone wants to include them in their marketing efforts, and are willing to provide frequent, professional content free of charge. The more content the dealers share, the more in-store traffic they drive and the larger their online presence grows, so it’s important to generate a consistent stream of conversation in the digital sphere. Access to this content is invaluable, and dealers appreciate that Bridgestone cares enough to deliver it in a neat, Promoboxx package.

Here’s what dealers are saying about the Promoboxx Destination: Turbo campaign:

“I use it all the time… The platform is so easy to use and is really quick to post”– Cale Tallman, Tallman’s Tire & Auto Service

“I’m so glad to have Promoboxx… we just got started on Facebook and now I actually have something to put on my page!” Kurt, Wilson Tire

“This is so much more professional than me trying to upload a jpeg image on my own”– Jan Logan, Cecil’s Tire & Auto

“We’ve sold 3 sets of tires from Destination Turbo campaign, we’ve been happy with the results so far”– Michael Griffin, Ken Towery’s Tire & Auto

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