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What’s ahead for 2012? Two words: Localized Marketing.

As local pages continue to reign at the top of Google searches, you’ll need to implement (or augment) a local marketing strategy with your retail partners. This means always asking one very important question: “How do I get my products in the hands of more consumers?” The answer primarily lies on a local level, as 90% of manufacturing brand products are sold through your local retailers.

2.8 Billion Searches Have Local Intent

Google recently announced that over 2.8 billion searches a month have local intent. That’s a lot of local searching, and it’s created industry buzz around cutting-edge localized marketing tactics. Basically, what all this means is that every forward-thinking brand marketer needs to consider implementing a robust strategy around brand-to-retailer marketing on a local level.

Now most national brands have a store locator on their website, and that’s great, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We certainly see a lot of offline marketing for national brands in local markets via billboards, in-store advertising, and other offline advertising, but how does this capture online desire to buy with local intent?

Maria Brous, spokeswoman of Publix Super Markets, says that “CPG brands and retailers rely on one another for strength.” And it’s true. Retailers are relying on the national brands they sell to provide them with co-branded offline and online marketing materials.

So, in regards to an online localized marketing strategy, what plan to you have in place to help your retailers sell more of your products?

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Tiffany Karl (@tkarl) & Sonciary Honnoll (@shonnoll)