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The process of drafting our Promoboxx company values took almost 6 months. It’s not that creating them was overly strenuous, but other things keep popping up. Things like client meetings, product development requirements, fundraising, or the occasional kick-ass office party. But, what could be more important to all of those interruptions than a clear set of company core values? Nothing.

Some might say that it’s too early for a startup like us to have values, but we figure that it will be much harder to make these part of our culture as we become much bigger/more complex. So, here are our Promoboxx company values:

  1. Believe in retailers

  2. Overachieve

  3. Be a leader

  4. Don’t fear failure

  5. Ask for help

  6. Support each other

  7. Focus on BIG things

  8. Rock the little things

  9. Celebrate accomplishment

  10. Be humble


I’d ask for feedback on them, but they’re our values. What are your company values?

// BC

ben [at] promoboxx [dot] com