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After working closely with 10,000 independent retailers across various industries, Promoboxx has received consistent feedback that we have been helping solve one of their biggest problems with online marketing – getting a hold of good quality content, exclusive to their online fans. Most of the time independent retailers are starving for content that helps them amplify their online marketing efforts. Many retailers admitted to us that they used to turn to Google when trying to find content to post on their social channels and website, which resulted in poor quality images and rogue marketing.

Brands like Reebok, Chevrolet, Pepsi and 3M have turned to Promoboxx to help solve this problem, and one of our newest features makes it even easier to distribute relevant content down to the retailer level. With the all-new “Simple Share Campaign” functionality, brands can easily push the latest content (PR coverage, product images, brand news, etc.) to their retailers in just a few minutes.

What Is A Simple Share Campaign?

Simple Shares allow brands to create and distribute content (text, links, and images) to their retailers in just a few steps. Essentially, as a brand all you have to do is choose the content you wish to share, upload it it Promoboxx and send it out to your retailer base. This content can complement a current running promotion, or it can be completely seperate and be used as a way to promote the latest brand news. Reebok Classic, for example, is using Simple Shares to push out PR content, such as celebrities wearing their product (see right).

What Are The Benefits?

Happy Retailers, Happy Brands: Retailers are asking brands to help with a steady stream of content for their online marketing channels. The more you give them, the more they will promote your brand and the more product they will sell. It’s a win-win situation.

Help Your Retailers, Help You: With Promoboxx, and specifically the Simple Share Campaign, brands can easily utilize their retailers’ local marketing channels to increase exposure to online customers, and help your branded content go viral. By giving your retailers good content to share, you’re helping them help you to ultimately promote your brand.

Go National, Go Local, Just Don’t Go Rogue: Distribute all of your national content down to your independent retailers. Make them your biggest advocate by helping them promote your engaging content to their local, loyal, consumer base. The best part? By giving them a lot of content you won’t ever have to worry about anyone trying to scrape low quality images off of Google or sending the wrong marketing message to consumers.

Simple Share Campaign Ideas

    • – New Product Photos


    • – New Brand Accolades (Publication Mention)


    • – Recently Created Hashtags


    – Celebrity Endorsements

What do you think of this exciting new approach to distributing branded content? If you work on the brand side of things, let us know how you would use simple shares to push out content. If you are an independent retailer, what type of content are you most interested in promoting?