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GE Appliances has launched several online marketing programs with their retailers over the past few months featuring special offers and rebates. Based on the success of their most recent Promoboxx endeavors, and the positive feedback received from their retailers, GE Appliances wanted to explore more ways to leverage existing promotional content and further help empower their retailers to better engage their consumers.

To do this, GE Appliances decided to launch a series of Quick Shares powered by Promoboxx. Quick Shares allow brands to quickly and easily create and distribute content (text, links, videos and images) to their retailers. For GE Appliances’ first Quick Share, they chose to feature a contest giving online fans the opportunity to win a chance to appear with Chef Jeffrey Saad in an online episode of Cooking Fail Redemption (see a retailer Facebook share example to the right).

By sharing this content online GE Appliance Customers are able to easily generate more buzz around this cool promotion and their store. A contest like Cooking Fail Redemption is a perfect example of using Quick Shares to amplify the virality of a national promotion and give retailers access to content they wouldn’t normally be able to create themselves.