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This post first appeared on the blog at MITX. You can read the original here.

In The Boston Globe’s recent article “Slowing Boston’s ‘Brain Drain'”, myself and several other recent grads were interviewed to find out why we decided to start our professional careers in Boston. As the article mentions, many  young and skilled students decide to leave the Boston area upon graduation.

To be honest, I was looking at possibilities in other cities such as New York. However, I quickly realized that living and working in Boston would provide the best opportunity to collaborate with the movers and shakers who were making change through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a recent graduate from Simmons College here in Boston, I am lucky to have a spot as a team member at an awesome startup in the South End. Not only does this give me the opportunity to come into work every day and work with the most intelligent, forward-thinking and passionate group of people I have ever met, but it also lets me make a direct impact on the growth of the company – and have fun while doing it.

How it all began

It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that during my past four years at Simmons College, that my entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed. Boston was, after all, ranked the number one most innovative city in the world by 2thinknow this past year. And rightly so, from the abundance of academic institutions within the city promoting enterprise creation to the startup accelerators like TechStars and MassChallenge— all the resources you need to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams are right here in one city.

After getting my toes wet in the innovative ecosystem in Boston through several internships at startups, launching the undergraduate entrepreneurship organization at Simmons and volunteering at MassChallenge, I knew that upon graduation I needed to work in an environment that would foster my love for the ideas that were changing the world and the way we think.

Landing at Promoboxx

When Promoboxx invited me to join their team as client services marketing manager, I was humbled by the opportunity. Not only was I impressed that they were part of last year’s TechStars class and how they got there, but I also respected their values as a company. It wasn’t hard to make the decision to stay in Boston and work with such a genuine group of people towards a vision that I share and believe in.

In my opinion, there is no better in place in the world to turn your ideas into realities, work with the best people out there and make an impact, no matter what your background, age or interests are. For those reasons alone, I am proud to call Boston my home and plan to stay here for quite some time.