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Yesterday we heard the big news. Facebook is rolling out a new search engine called Graph Search! Facebook claims that “with Graph Search, you can look up anything shared with you on Facebook, and others can find stuff you’ve shared with them.”

For example: Lets say you are in need of a new pair of sneakers and are looking to buy them at a shoe store near you. You can use the Facebook Graph Search functionality to get recommendations based on what your Facebook friends like the most. This means that instead of searching Google with phrases like “shoe store” and entering in your zip code, which only pulls shoe stores based on their SEO, you will now be able to search “shoe stores my friends in Boston like” and it will pull up recommendations for you.

Users will also be able to search for content. You can type in phrases like “Photos of my friends in London” or “Music my friends like.” Facebook will also allow users to search other’s likes, location and history by typing in phrases such as “People who like to dance and work at Promoboxx.”

Facebook is integrating social networking and social search to create a personal experience to deliver more relevant results and personalized recommendations. What does this mean for retailers with Facebook pages? Never has it been more important for you to be engaging your online fans with relevant content to increase the visibility of your business!