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So you launched a business Facebook Page, now what?

Start running online social promotions. Here’s why:

– Promotion is an essential part of any business, so don’t worry about offending anyone on Facebook by doing it.
– People “Like” you because they like you, and they certainly won’t be annoyed when you give them a great offer.
– Worse case, they “unlike” and you never hear from them again. Oh well, you’ll get over it.
– Best case, your loyal customers return to your business and buy more.
– Even better case, they tell their friends about it.

But, I only have 10 Likes and they all work for me, should I wait to promote?

No, great promotions will get you more Likes. Here are some four key tips:

1. Run your promotions only on Facebook for a period of time. Let your email contacts, blog readers, and website visitors know that they can get exclusive offers on Facebook.

2. Run your coupon offers through a promotion tool, like Promoboxx (yes, shameless plug), where you can require that all people who get access to your discount Like you on Facebook.

3. Ask your customers to share. Give a great offer and customers will reciprocate. Just give them a polite nudge, the social share tools to do it, and they’ll be throwing flowers at your feet.

4. Leverage those 10 employee Likes. Your employees have friends and some of those friends need your product/service or know people that do.

Basically, if you’re my favorite ice cream parlor, skip the pictures of the waffle making process, and give me some great offers on ice cream. Seriously…do it now,  I love ice cream.

Happy Promoting!


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