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If you look at how manufacturing brands promote their retailers on company websites, it seems like they’re embarrassed by them.  It reminds me of how teenagers are embarrassed by their parents. Yes, they support them, cloth them, feed them, but these kids don’t want to get caught dead with their parents in public. Like when I was in middle school, I needed my parents to drive me to the movies, pay for my ticket and popcorn, but only if they’d drop me off 100 yards from the entrance.

By making it almost impossible for customers to find their retail locations, the brands are essentially doing the same thing. Below are some screenshots of some notable brand websites and the limited way they promote their retailers.

John Deere




Nike Dealer Locator

I could do these screenshots all day. For a later post, I’ll dive into some real reasons why brands do this, but first I’d like to ask you.  Why are brands so shy when it comes to promoting their retailers? Comment below.

– Ben (ben at promoboxx dot com)