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Here at Promoboxx, we’re always striving to help brands connect better with their retailers and distribute co-branded content to an increasingly social consumer base. Recently Promoboxx has released several new features that not only improve the experience for retailers using our system, but these features also help brands optimize campaigns in order to better connect with their retailers and reach their consumers.

New Enrollment Flow

As new retailers sign up for Promoboxx, they are taken through the enrollment flow process, which allows Promoboxx to gather the necessary data to create a co-branded campaign. The updated enrollment flow includes features that help retailers understand the campaign they are activating, take them quickly and easily through the share process, and also allow for quick access to Promoboxx support channels if they need it. We’re excited for more retailers to use the new enrollment flow, and we’ve already seen significant increases in participation rates and sharing of co-branded campaign content.

New Retailer Dashboard

As a Promoboxx retailer, you want to know how well your co-branded campaign is performing, how many consumer views it’s received, and how many of your fans and followers have shared your co-branded content. The new Retailer Dashboard gathers the most important metrics of campaign success in one place, and shows each retailer their progress as well as how they stack up to other retailers promoting co-branded campaigns. One of the coolest features on the new dashboard is the Boxx Score for retailers. This score ranks each retailer based on campaign activity – a retailer’s score is calculated based on how many times they’ve shared on social channels, and how many consumer interactions they’ve generated. We love a little bit of friendly competition here at Promoboxx, and we think that retailers do too!

Enhanced Reporting for Brands

Ok, so we’ve updated the retailer experience in Promoboxx, but what about new features for our brand users? We want our brands to run successful campaigns co-branded with their retailers, and gathering reporting is essential for optimizing those campaigns. With the enhanced campaign reporting that we’ve introduced for brands, we hope to provide the metrics that brands need to track measure the progress of their campaigns, and provide actionable insights into how brands and retailers can optimize their co-branded campaigns.

Share Options for Retailers

We think that one of the most important aspects of a successful co-branded campaign is cross-channel sharing of content. We’ve encouraged retailers to share co-branded content on Facebook, Twitter, and their websites, and now we’ve included an enhanced option for sharing via email. With the new and improved Consumer Email capability, brands can create an HTML-rich email which is co-branded with each retailer’s information. Retailers can then send this email to their customers, either by using a list of leads captured through a Promoboxx campaign, or by importing their own list of leads.

We’ve also heard that sharing images on Facebook can be pretty darn effective in driving view of business and campaign pages. So we’ve given retailers the option to not only share a link to their co-branded campaign, but also to include a share image. These wall posts show up in the newsfeeds of a retailer’s followers and fans, and provide a visually interesting hook for consumers to click on and view co-branded campaign content.

Are you a Promoboxx user? What new features would you love to see?